Thursday, December 27, 2012


    Just thought I'd share one for the archives, after all that Zoids overload we've been having lately. How about we go for some Five Star Stories eh? These doodads are even RARER than Zoids! For some reason, the company that produced them - Volks - does not import outside of Japan. And even in Japan itself, you'll mostly only find them at specialised Volks outlets, one of which I have visited in Akihabara. Man don'tcha wished Bandai or Koto would take over the production??? I have three to four of these kits, the injection mould (plastic kits) version, which is their latest line. Most Volks FSS kits are resin, and cost a bomb, so I don't bother. Thankfully, the plastic assembly ones are so rare, and each new model produced so seldom that I don't have much to buy LOL. FSS mechas, or Mortar Heads (MH) as they are known, are about the size of a Gundam. But the Jagd Mirage is three times that. Which means, if you scale it down, the bugger's bigger than a 1/48 Gundam, I think. If you throw in those elaborate spikes from its weapons, they should match the height of an older kid! Is it any wonder that you rarely even see any finished kits out there?...

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Back from Taiwan (Mission Report)

    You know what's the one thing I learnt if you wanna buy model kits overseas and lug them all the way back home? You need LOTSA luggage space LOL. I merely bought three to four kits, and already I had no space to pack anything else. Not to mention this was a working trip to Taiwan so I didn't bring my mega suitcase since I wasn't expecting to find anything much. But maaaaan did I find some gems....

GBWC 2012 Finals

    Sorry for the past coupla days of inactivity folks, as I have been away in Taiwan for work. First up is a belated post on the GBWC Finals which concluded over the weekend. Congrats to all winners! The line-up as follows -

  • Champion: Project Gwen by Eday (HK)
  • 2nd: 1/100 Age Titus by Aristeo Lamig Saavedra Jr (Philippines)
  • 3rd: The Zaku - Return of the J.Ridden by Ko Kwon Chul (Korea)
    To be honest, other than Eday's entry, I wasn't expecting any of the other two to make it into the Top 3. I thought the Japanese had some really good ones. I'm kinda surprised they left their own out in the cold LOL. But you've gotta give credit where credit's due - I think the bizarre Age Titus that looks nothing at all like a Gundam, and Korea's 1/48 Zaku conversion both have their merits in terms of craftsmanship. It's kinda late now to say anything new, and most like Toymaker have already covered it, so I'll leave the ogling of the entries to his post. Enjoy, and MERRY XMAS!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Weirdest Iron Man EVER!

    So I went down to China Square for their regular toy bazaar today, and came across this old figurine of what must be the weirdest looking Iron Man I've seen (I think it's Iron Man right?) It was so bizarre I had to buy it just to take home and examine...and perhaps give it a couple of mods. It's a used figure so I got it for a coupla bucks. It's about slightly taller than a 144 Gundam. There's a mecha feel to it, and I'm guessing it's modelled after some obscure manga version. Check out that head folks! Almost looks like a Gundam doesn't it? I had a hundred ideas running through my head about how I can add some armour to the shoulders, give it some details and weapons, and repaint it in metallic finish. Er, when I have the time, that is LOL....I'll be heading to Kaoshiong Taiwan for work next week - Anybody know where to find hobby shops over there? I'm clueless!

Sunday, December 16, 2012


    This is an outdated feature, but I figured that for any of you who haven't seen the work of HK-based modeller Kdash, then this is for you. There is something about this fella's style....It's totally unorthodox, edgy, and some might say, overdone, but I find myself growing to like it more and more. Firstly, it's not easy incorporating a theme onto your build, let alone coming up with these outrageous mods. Call it gaudy if you want, but I think when it comes to medieval Chinese-style kungfu mecha, Kdash captured the look and animalistic feel perfectly, and everything just kinda blends together, down to the custom weapons. Full marks for uniqueness. You can be sure there's nothing else like this out there.  Enjoy!

ZOIDS - GUN SNIPER (Naomi ver.)

  I'm having a Zoids fever now and boy is it high! LOL. Probably cos I might be suffering from a bit of Gunpla burnout, I've been turning to Zoids for some relief, and the kits are starting to appeal more and more to me. If you're a mecha fan, it's highly likely you'll catch the Zoids bug sooner or later, especially after you see how exquisitely intricate Koto's HMM series of kits are. But if you'd rather spare your pocket from further assault, perhaps you should give this post a miss LOL. So I just thought to start on something cheap and light, and one of the smallest Zoids kits out there is this Gun Sniper Naomi Version that caught my eye.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


    This is kinda a random post on a random weekend - I've had my eye on DC's New 52 line of superheroes for a while now since I'm also a comic book fan. It's a revamp with new looks and new origin stories to their flagship characters of the JLA. While everyone gets a makeover, I'm of course only interested in the Big Two - Superman and Batman. (Hollywood, PLEASE make a movie of the duo!) And I must say, for American toys, these are one of the best proportions and styles I've seen so far. Pardon my bias-ness, but it actually looks like they were sculpted by the Japanese lol. I think there is some link between the look of these figures to Koto's own licensed range of DC statues.

Friday, December 7, 2012


    Yes, as you can see I am still in my Zoids phase. LOL. It's frustrating trawling the Net for good and other worldly Zoids customs, so I've decided to just consolidate everything HERE. This might just be the most tripped out compilation of quality Zoids work out there folks. You've got all manner of beasts from Ligers, Dinos to Dragons and even a seahorse. My ultimate favourite though, is still this kit above to which I have no details to, except that it was an entry at a Zoids exhibition in Osaka. I think as mecha fans, we should expand our horizons to take in other genres of mechs as well, and the animalistic modes of Zoids is a treasure trove of inspiration and ideas for your next build, Gundam or what-not. By the way, I'm going to HK next month for a Zoids hunt. Anybody know where to find 'em, please let me know? Otherwise, sit back and jerk off to these LOL...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


    As if we don't already have enough on our hands, Toymaker and I have decided to add an EXTRA kit each to our Buster-Duel speed-builds. Boy, why we keep doing this to ourselves, I have no idea LOL. But anyway, I'm right smack into a Zoids phase at the moment and am stocking up on Zoids kits, which are rarer than diamonds in Singapore, I kid you not. So I bought this Saber Tiger set and assembled it on my day off, and am so impressed with the details I decided, why not make them recon units to our Gundams, rite? LOL. Mine's gonna be a Buster-Saber pair-up, and Toymaker's is a Duel-Fox tag team. How will they look together? Watch this space.

Friday, November 30, 2012

15th ORAZAKU highlights

    Okay so I'm gonna make it a point to consolidate Orazaku entries every year. What's Orazaku? It's like the MOTHER of all Gunpla competitions, ladies and gents. Orazaku makes GBWC looks like child's play. And not surprisingly, Orazaku is an annual competition open only to Japanese residents. Which means you can still take part....if you live there. This event is the most prestigious of all gunpla competitions, even though some entries are of other mechas outside of the gunpla universe. The japs take this one real serious and it's usually at the Orazaku that you see the big boys come out to play. Their judging system is really transparent - all judges are officially announced and their choices published for all to see. And they've got so many participants that they can afford to divide up the competition into categories, from individual to diorama ctas. Man...someday I'm gonna bring a kit there just to submit LOL. I don't even think I'll make it to top 50. I'd be lucky if my entry were on of the many thumbnails in Hobby Mag, which features the compy every year. I'll keep updating this post as I find more winners and entries, so watch this space...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Afterthoughts Part II (The ugly version)

    Okay fellas, I was nice about everything up till now. But after reading Toymaker's post on his feelings about the shoddy prize presentation and how this year's GBWC was handled in Singapore, I can't help but agree with him. Still, I didn't think I need to repeat what someone has already aired, so I resisted posting my own views about the organisation of GBWC 2012 Singapore in Afterthoughts. NOW though, this is the last straw that broke this camel's back. I HAVE to say something and it's gonna get ugly...

Monday, November 26, 2012


    As I was packing up my entry for this year's GBWC, preparing to head home, I thought of penning down some thoughts. First of all, a big thanks to friends who offered congratulatory handshakes (I got a Merit mention LOL). Some guys shared their views about the results, which I shall keep strictly between us since we're all entitled to our own opinions but not necessarily to air them. Which leads me to mine, if anyone cares at all that is, heh -

Next please!

Just snap-fitted the Buster last night. Oh yeeeeah, gonna be doing an OOB speed-build collab with Toymaker. He's taking on the Duel Gundam. I guess we're both suffering from withdrawal symptoms after the frenzy of competition. I must say, the Buster kit is a real gorgeus piece. Watch this space.

JAPAN GBWC 2012 Results

     And this wraps up the results across three countries on this very eventful Sunday - Japan's winners, ladies and gents! From the people who invented the hobby, the Land of Gunpla.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

M'sia GBWC 2012 results

    Announced on the same day as Singapore's results are the Malaysian ones. These guys have some really fascinating dios, and I was crazy enough to head up there with Toymaker over the weekend (8 hours' drive there and back!!) to see the entries firsthand ;P. Thanks to Ronnie Phoon, Raymond Loke, Daniel, Becky and Shermen for their hospitality!

Singapore GBWC 2012 Results

Okay fellas, results are finally out for S'pore. Drum roll...

Friday, November 23, 2012


    GBWCs are popping up all over the world folks! It's really in season now. At the Gunpla Expo in Japan now are the finalists for Japan's GBWC. The eventual winner will go up against YOUR country's winner. This year's favourite theme for the Japanese seem to be water dios. But I really like some of the understated mods and refined builds. After all, it's Japan. They invented this LOL. Photo credits are all Eday Ng, unless indicated otherwise.  Let's roll - 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

GBWC 2012 Malaysia coverage

Credit: Waynshaun
    As Singapore's GBWC is underway, our neighbours are having their own GBWC as well! (Hmm how are the judges gonna be in two places at once? LOL) There are quite a number of realistic dios from M'sia that I really like. Maybe this weekend I mght feel crazy enough to make a trip down on Sat just before our own results are announced. Should I??? I'm tempted to see these gems up close, and it's the only GBWC we can actually check out without having to buy an air ticket LOL! Well while I decide, here are the entries - Credit to Becky for letting me use her pics. Most here are hers unless indicated. Also to Waynshaun for his pics (as indicated). Let's roll! 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

GBWC S'pore 2012 Coverage

Photo credit: Terence Tan

    Here's what you've been waiting for, folks! Coverage of the Singapore GBWC 2012, which kickstarted today. This year's event is held at the usual spot as last year's - Compasspoint. There were quite a number of kits, with at least four to five BIG HITTERS. Yep, the big boys have come out to play. Let's start -

Monday, November 19, 2012

Odin [By Toymaker]

    This monster hasn't even finished it's tour of duty yet - it's currently competing for the top spot at the S'pore 2012 GBWC. Judging from online response around the world to this insane build, it is definitely a lock for Top 3. Toymaker used a PG Strike frame as the base kit, modding the armour of the MG The O around it with some option parts from other kits. One word: Monstrous.

Friday, November 16, 2012


    Okay I'm not sure if any juniors read my blog, but I realised I didn't feature most of them in my initial GBWC 2012 coverage, so here we go! Junior work deserves to be featured as well 'cos these guys are the future of Gunpla. We can't let them fall prey to video games and girls! LOL. Okay the last one is unavoidable I guess. But on a serious note, I feel that in Singapore especially, our young are raised too fast paced and results-oriented to respect patience in a hobby like Gunpla. Most of them either never pick it up seriously, or lose interest along the way. So I hope that the boys and girls (yes there are one or two girls! Bravo) that took part in GBWC 2012 S'pore, whether or not you win, don't give up the hobby, and keep at it! Let's roll...

MORRIGAN (GBWC 2012 S'pore entry)

    Okay guys, here it is - The Morrigan. My hard work for the last four months. Whew. The idea is to make the Banshee monstrous, yet somehow sleek. I was looking at inspiration from Five Star Stories. I also wanted exaggerated claws because this is a FREAK. It ain't your regular MS! The Mobile Armour is a carved up Dendrobium. (Yes I am bankrupt now.) Oh and don't get your hopes too up - the lights are not LEDs, just photoshopped LOL. All in all, I'm not up to the standard I wanna be yet, but I'm satisfied with myself 'cos I think I outdid last year's attempt. There's a story behind this build, which I conjured for the fun of it. If you're not into scrolling (there are A LOT of pics), check out the video experience. More WIPs are here. Otherwise, less talk more pics - Let's roll -

Thursday, November 15, 2012


    One more day to Showtime folks! I'm not sure if I'm more excited about taking part in a competition, or finally revealing my hard work online. I'm arranging the pics for a proper post soon. Fellow contestants, you're probably dusting off and touching up your entries too. I'm expecting all the bells and whistles from the big guns this year, especially since the coveted prize is a trip to Gunpla mecca - JAPAN. woohoo. Gentlemen, start your engines fusion reactors.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Photo credit IS Magazine
May 2011 - Oct 2012

    Sometime last year, I chanced upon this really cool concept of a bookstore called Harris Planerds. It was operated by the Popular Bookstore chain, and sold - you guessed it - comics, graphic novels, art books, toys and collectibles for geeks galore. I wasn't sure how it was going to survive, as it was located right smack in the heart of town in 313@Somerset, a rather swanky shopping complex. My skepticism, I felt, was justified - In Singapore, a shop like this can only exist as a quaint little niche in some corner of our island, and not as a flagship bookstore space in Orchard. Nevertheless, I visited this rare mecca of imagination frequently, making lunch-time stops just to browse its endless rows of comics, books and toys. (Their stuff came at reasonable prices too.) Along the way I even signed up for a membership.

Monday, November 12, 2012

GBWC 2012 Indonesia [Results and coverage]

Indonesia GBWC Champion
Photo credits: Sideout/ TeNKai and Balliga from Netmorks/ Facebook

    The results are up for GBWC 2012 Indonesia. You can check out all entries in the original forum thread here and here.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

AFA 2012 (Mehhh..)

   Snuck down to the Anime Festival Asia this afternoon at the Singapore Expo for a peek. As a mecha fan, I've gotta admit it wasn't much of a turn on for me....Unless you consider girls dressed up in Cosplay a big turn on. There were plenty of those. I spotted Naruto, a Pokemon and some other characters I know nothing about.

Friday, November 9, 2012

STINGRAY MSM-07X by Samurai

    This is a belated post cos the build was from last year. I don't know why I've never got down to posting it. I think it's a 1/100 modified Zgok. Maaaan does it look sweet! Check out the modeller's blog and WIPs here. Amphibious suits are the least done in gunpla and even when they are, usually OOB or detailed up but retaining the original shape. Or else, they're done in cutesy themes, especially the Aguy. Sooooo, imagine my awe when I saw this masterpiece. I think it was one of the Top 3 entries for the 2011 Ora Zaku in Japan - the highest level of gunpla competition in the UNIVERSE, folks. Exclusive of course, only to people in Japan. Maybe someday I might be crazy enough to bring a kit there and submit LOL. Meanwhile, enjoy this build...And who knows? Perhaps my next one will be an aquatic one winkwink.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

GBWC 2012 Winners Circle (So far)

    With still two more weeks to go till actual entry submission for GBWC Singapore, let's take a look at some of the winners at concluded GBWCs around the world. Upcoming winners, these are what you'll be up against in Japan! Are you taking notes? Winkwink.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


    Let's check out what's happening nearby in Thailand - their GBWC's has kick-started. I don't think results are out yet, but let's just enjoy the entries. There are lots of clean and highly detailed builds, with Age kits seemingly the popular choice for participants. Credit to photos goes to My Design Club.Net.

Thursday, October 25, 2012



---Appended here are four retrieved entries from the personal logbook of Cpl Damien Tyson (Special Ops division/ 5th squadron/ 76 Fleet), who was an MS pilot. Cpl Tyson was discharged from active service on Solar Month 5, Cycle 2, UC0299 due to post-traumatic stress disorder from a combat incident. He was the sole survivor of his squadron, who encountered the entity known as the Morrigan* (see analysis below) while engaged in a firefight with insurrectionists who had taken a Federation outpost space station hostage. Cpl Tyson's MS returned to base in a wrecked state. Engineers had to cut him  out of his cockpit. He was physically unharmed, but catatonic. He was diagnosed with PTSD, and after two months of close monitoring and counselling, failed all psychiatric evaluations. One week after his discharge from service, Cpl Tyson committed suicide. His logbook has since been under Federation custody to aid investigations by the Project Grey panel in charge of assessing  the Morrigan threat. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Psycho Gundam by Anazasi (Philippines GBWC 2012)

    While I'm rushing like a madman to finish my GBWC project, here's a little feature on what's going on over in the Philippines, whose GBWC has just concluded. Congrats to all winners, but the entry that caught my eye was this Psycho Gundam by Anazasi, done in the style of Five Star Stories. I thought it was a lock for Top 3 placing when I saw the entry photos, but a shame that it didn't get in. It's a really creative piece and I like it. Pity the feet were not done up in FSS sharp heeled style as well. That would have been the icing on the cake. Enjoy:

Friday, September 28, 2012


    Man I've never looked forward to the year-end with this much anticipation (except in school when Dec meant the post-exam hols lol). Why? Cos a shitload of smashing new toys are coming out, and it is gonna be a a blardy EXPENSIVE christmas oh man oh man....Let's look at my wish-list (I say wish-list cos seriously I doubt I can afford to buy them all at once..)

Saturday, September 15, 2012


     I'm losing interest in this series, to be very honest. It started out promising, reached a climax in the Age 2 series, and kinda just floated to nowhere in Age 3.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I've got a problem...

    I've got a problem. I think I'm suddenly on a figurine streak! This coming only after an earlier post where I've said that Hot Toys' prices are waaay to steep for me, I should be disappointed in myself. But what to do man? I'm a sucker for collectibles, especially of characters and genres I'm a fan of. So with lots of remorse, shame and regret, let's talk about some of the items I'd like to burn my wallet on....

Sunday, September 2, 2012

STGCC 2012 (and my spoils!)

    I went down to the Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) today to collect a pre-order and snoop around. I like it that they held it at Marina Bay Sands this year. It just feels....more posh lol.  Lets get right into the gravy -

Thursday, August 23, 2012

THE O land combat ver. by SOP0310 with WIPs

    This is a build from last year, but I only just came across full WIP pics of this monster, so I'm re-posting it b'cos well, it just DESERVES a re-posting. No offense to last year's Japan GBWC winner, but how this guy didn't grab the grand prize totally baffles me. Especially if you see how much sheer effort and work was put into it. Let's just sit back and ogle lol.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Scratch-Built Madness...Sazabi Zampriolo

    I wished I could say this is is my WIP, but it isn't of course lol. Came across this amazing build on the net and just have to collect it for my own archives! Details are sketchy on this one as I got the pics from the FB page of Mecha Inspire, a general group which consolidates mechas the world over. I was told this masterpiece is 10 years in the making, and by the looks of it, still going lol. TEN YEARS?!!? Sheesh. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Project Gwen (By Eday) Hall of Fame

   This is a jaw-dropper of a build from Gunpla superstar Eday. A Rezel souped-up into a mobile armour. I have nothing much to say about this masterpiece cos I'm quite possibly still speechless with awe LOL. When you've got a style that you can call your very own, and your work simply blows away the competition, you know you're there. And not surprisingly, this is HK's champ for the GBWC 2012 Finals in Japan. Can any other winning entry beat this monster? We'll see....

Friday, July 27, 2012


Here's one of my favourites. An absolute monster of a build from the AOZ series. I'm quite confident this entry is a shoo-in for Top 3 or 4.
    Here are the most complete set of pics for the entries in the ongoing 2012 GBWC over in HK! I'll try to get pictures of from other participating countries as well. As far as I know, Australia has already crowned their winner. HK's winner should be announced within the next week or so (but I already have my bets on who's gonna geddit). Special credit to Lallipap and Rex Lee, as the images are taken by them.


Friday, July 13, 2012


    I have to go back to Tokyo. AGAIN. Goddamit. LOL. I've been to a few countries in my lifetime but maaan Japan takes the cake. There's just soooo many things to see and do there. And I'm not even talking about Gundams. Yet. And Gundam-wise, well nothing else needs to be said is there? It's the motherland of Gundam. The Mecca of mecha. Here are some pics to share of my best holiday EVER folks. There's a huge dent in my bank account, but as soon as I can help it I'll be on the next flight back to Tokyo lol. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


    In 48 hours' time I will be in the Promised Land of all Gunpla modellers and Otakus alike - Tokyo! Why haven't I mentioned this before? Because it wasn't confirmed until...well...yesterday. LOL. This is probably the craziest trip-on-a-whim I've ever done in my life, but it so happened that the girlfriend's outta town, and it so happened that I found out a colleague of mine, who also likes toys and design, has been thinking about going to Tokyo himself too! So why not just team up right? It's just a four-day smash and grab session as we don't wanna blow too much on a hotel sooooo....I'm just hoping I have enough time to see the stuff I wanna see and buy the stuff I wanna buy. (And I hope I have enough suitcases to bring them back lol). Depending on time (and laziness), I might document some of the places I come across so it will be useful to you guys if you're planning a trip too. Stay tuned....Ganbatte!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


   It's that time of the year again where I skim the net through streams of mecha porn for some inspiration...Here's what I've found. I've combined pics from a previous Mecha Porn Part II post I made, and reorganised all the designs so it'd be easier for reference. Have fun and ogle away!

Monday, July 2, 2012


    I'm back fellas! And sorry as I haven't been updating the blog regularly. Been travelling for work, got my fingers injured, and too much news in my home country Singapore has been happening lately. First there was that underaged hooker sex scandal, then the sex scandal of two civil service honchos, and now some financial scandal involving our biggest church. It's a heyday for the national media! It got so distracting I almost forgot about gunpla. ALMOST. lol.

    So let's get back on track shall we? I'll start with a short review of the Age anime series since I've laid off that for a while. Overall, I'd say that the Age series has lost some of its steam for me. I'm not sure why I'm losing interest, but I'll still watch it till the end since there's no other ongoing Gundam series out there, and hopefully they have something epic at the finale.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's a wrap.

    Okay fellas, it's been a while since my last post! Sorry as I've been busy overseas with work, and then I injured my bloody fingers in a freak rope burn incident, so basically I'm typing twice as slow using only my index fingers lol. Just a short update bout the results for the Mid Yr Challenge. I got a 'Best Age' entry, but I don't really know what it means actually - there already is a 144 black Age 2 at 3rd place in the Top 3, so erm, doesn't that make mine '2nd-Best Age entry'?? Or how bout "Next-Best Age Entry'??? LOL. I wouldn't even have known I won something at all cos as you can see from the results link on Bandai's page, it wasn't announced. Oh well, anyway, I'll take it! And next stop - GBWC! See you guys there. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

S'pore Gundam Mid-Yr Challenge 2012

    This is a belated post, obviously. I only just had time this weekend to check out the event at Takashimaya. Toymaker has already blogged about it, so for more pics, check out his post. I'll just point out a few stand-out entries from his pics:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Is SQUARE ENIX the new Hot Toys?

    While we take a break from Gundam, here's checkin' out Play Arts by Square Enix, a video game company. Their 'Kai' series of figurines stand approximately the height of a large MG kit, and maaaaan, are their designs and proportions sweet. I call 'em figurines rather than action figures, because although these babies come with articulated joints, don't expect any PG-type mobility. These are more like mini-sculptures for the average fan. At this size, I feel they are more comfortable than Hot Toys' 1/6 scale, which is a tad too big (and too expensive) for my liking. So anyway, let's get down to it. I found two new shiny Halo Spartans to go with Master Chief. Yeah!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

AGE TRIDENT [2012 Mid-yr competition]

    Finally guys, it's ready! Whew. This was one hectic week juggling work and Gunpla....I'm exhausted. Presenting my entry for the 2012 Mid-Yr Challenge - AGE TRIDENT. WIPs are here with a detailed commentary. Otherwise, less words, more pics, let's roll...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

AGES ASSEMBLE!! [AGE Trident dio for Mid-Yr Challenge]

    So here we go! I might just be able to pull this off. As you know, I've churned out 3 Ages with no plan to submit them for any competition, and then up until slightly over a week ago, I decided ah hell why not just send them for the Mid-Yr compy. Presenting, the AGE Trident!! Next step was to come up with a dio. Bang!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

VANQUISH [ARS] by Kai Arts

    I have no idea why I got this LOL. But it's by Square Enix, the guys who brought us the exquisite Black Label Collectors series by Kai Arts with kickass works like the Arkham Batman. Sooo, I was sold after seeing this set in the shop. This folks, looks like a mash-up of Iron Man, Halo, and Karman Rider doesn't it? Apparently, it's from the video game Vanquish. And similarly, it's some super suit that transforms the wearer into a super soldier etc know the rest. There's something about the design, those panel lines, those curves, that catches my eye. It's about the size of a large MG kit. Could be useful reference for a future gunpla project...who knows? :P

Friday, May 18, 2012

Zephyr [spallow stealth blade]

    Here's the final piece to my trio of Ages - Zephyr (pronounced 'Zy-fer'...look it up. It's a word lol). I didn't want any elaborate colour scheme on this one. He's supposed to be ninja Gundam, so stealth colours in a cool metallic sheen should do it. I know, I know - How can it be stealth when it's so bling rite? lol. Well it's more of a stylistic choice I made for the colour. I do feel that in this scheme it does look more ninja-ish than the original colour, dontcha think? What's more, we're building giant flying robots here....Does ANY of it make sense????? :P As for the energy blade, those of you who're familiar with Xbox will know what I'm talking about. Winkwink. It's made from the blades of the MG Qanta of course. I just thought the Spallow needed a more badass slashing weapon instead of that puny dagger they gave him. Less talk, more pics - Enjoy!