Wednesday, October 31, 2012


    Let's check out what's happening nearby in Thailand - their GBWC's has kick-started. I don't think results are out yet, but let's just enjoy the entries. There are lots of clean and highly detailed builds, with Age kits seemingly the popular choice for participants. Credit to photos goes to My Design Club.Net.

    I've got a few favourites of my own. I'm not sure if they'll win, but these are the stand-outs in my opinion or what I can see from the photos:

Seira Masuo, anyone?

    Looks like a mere OOB MG build doesn't it? That's until you recall that the MG Dark Hound couldn't have come out in time for this fella to build it. And here's the thing - it's a 1/48. Yep, a conversion. Kudos.

    A really clean and neat build. No frills, but I like it.

    Nice take on the Titans theme. Lots of attention to detail and kit-bashing on this one. 

This one's the most creative at least to me. And it's chockful of details man!

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