Saturday, April 28, 2012


    This was an entry taken at some hobby convention in HK (I think it was last year or 08...can't remember.) I chanced upon it while surfing the Net for some mecha porn last night. Sadly folks, I'm unable to find any other pics of this baby. If anyone has a lead, please lemme know? In case it hasn't already dawned upon you, this is a T-Rex done up in Zaku parts and all kinds of internals. HOLY SHIT. Yeah, impressive stuff huh? I wonder why it didn't win anything. This one gets full marks for creativity and skill level in my books. So with only one miserable pic to ogle at, this is all I have to post...sorry fellas lol!

    On a different note, promised one of my friends in the Philippines that I'd blog about a new forum they've set up - Mecha Lounge. Go check it out. Love the funny banner!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Next Stop - TITUS!

    Next stop - TITUS! Woohoo. I'm not even gonna kitbash or mod anything with this baby. It will be fresh OOB, but obviously in a different pastel scheme. I figured I might as well do the AGE-TITUS-SPALLOW in one shot. Hopefully this momentum can ride me into the GBWC project. Help me out here guys - What colour should I do up the Titus in? Green, Earth Brown, Grey or Red? hmmmm...Feel free to drop a comment or vote in the poll at top left~!

Monday, April 23, 2012

GUNDAM AMPHION [Launcher Strike.]

    I've finally got this in the bag! My entry for the Hobby Art Gallery Age-1 Group Build is completed woot :P. I'm satisfied with how the colours turned out. This build has certainly given me some insights into how to play around with pastel colours. So without further ado folks, less talk more pics. Here we go....

Thursday, April 19, 2012


    So here we go folks, I'm revealing the first half of this Group Build with Toymaker. No weapons yet. The main goal was to come up with an alternate pastel colour scheme for our Age's. Mine will be in pastel blue hues, while Toymaker will go orange. I'll splice this with the MG Launcher Strike pack, while Toymaker's one comes with the Sword Strike system. It was kinda hard conceptualising the colour scheme at first, but I think it turned out pretty okay. I've never seen an Age done in this colour, so at least it's a first LOL.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


    You saw this on Gundam Guy, but I want to post it for my own archives and future references. Not sure if these are actual concept art from the series, or fan art, but whatever it is, the edgy proportions certainly deviate from the standard designs we see in the anime; not to mention those colours too. And the decals! Oooo if only they sold those designer decals. I'm sure it would look mighty good on an MG kit lol. If you're painting other kits, these colours also serve as fresh inspiration. Enjoy..

Sunday, April 15, 2012


    Finally managed to graft the Launcher Strike parts onto the Age. I wanted the Age to still be able to stand alone without the weapon system, so I didn't want to glue any parts on post-painting. What I did was to go with magnets for the shoulder, and to simply graft the entire back of the MG Strike onto the Age, so that the backpack for the LS system can just be inserted snugly. (No, there's no need to mourn the loss of the Strike for me LOL...I had one that I did over four years ago when I wasn't into this hobby...and naturally errr the worksmanship on that is might as well sacrifice...Heh.)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gundam Age ep 26 review

    Back to reviews again. This one is truly worth a mention. I'd probably say it's the favourite of all the eps I've watched so far. You can truly feel a slant in angle as the story matures and gets darker. Let's get down to the things to note, bad and good. I'll start with the small ones first:

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Age-1 Mega Size [Weathered]

    Aaaand it's a wrap guys! I've completed every part in the 1/48 mega size Age-1. Finally! My first full gunpla build for 2012. Whew! This baby was a monster to paint, even OOB, cos of the sheer amount of surface area. This was just a pet project and leisure build to get me into the groove of the Age series. I must say the Age 1 truly grows on you, much like the RX. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Weathering is fun...for now (1/48 Mega size Age WIP)

    If all goes well I should be able to assemble the Mega-size Age within the next 24 hours, folks! Woot. This is a straight-forward OOB build, weathered up, as shown in my previous WIPs. I've finally painted and detailed the blues, reds and yellows, and the rest of the whites. Letting them sit out to dry after the final flat coat, some touch ups here and there. Work on the eyes and glow parts, and I should be about done. We'll get to the gun and shield later lol. Here's a peek...


    I haven't been this blown away in a while...not until I bought the latest Gundam Weapons book featuring kits from the Age series. And chanced upon this crazy build by Miyuki Uehara. I'm not sure if that's even his real name though, or a moniker, cos if you try googling it, you'll get a Jap porn star LOL. Don't believe me? Try it. Well anyway, what's unique about this build is that it's so simple, yet so complex. No big-ass dio or action sequence. No overhaul mods to the mecha's form. But lots and loads of teeny details and exposed armour to reveal what a Gundam might actually look like inside, based on airplane parts, no doubt. I wonder where this fella gets some of his micro bits. But I think a lot are actually scratch-built. At that scale, that's pretty insane! Sorry for the poor quality of pics man. I should probably get hi res scans, but I just had to share this for those who haven't seen it yet as it doesn't seem to be readily available on the Net. I'm only getting a porn star. LOL.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

1/1700 Minerva by Takumijp

    Had to post it as always, for my own personal archives and future reference. I first saw it on Gundam Guy. It's a 1/700 Minerva from the Seed Destiny series, done by Jap modeller takumijp. My thoughts? An exquisite piece of work, more on presentation than anything else. The photos are not really close up enough to make out how detailed are his mods or paint job, but from the dio and LED lights alone, this is definitely an eye-catcher! I particularly love the abstract wall behind the ship. I've always wanted to do something like this, and finally, I've got a reference! Nice piece of work here. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

HYBRID AGE 1 by sori.Kim

    I wanted to post this while in Aussie land, but the connection was wonkers and my netbook sucks, so now that I'm back, here we go! Was surfing online for some alternative Age colour schemes...Haven't seen much variations thus far but this one's pretty fresh. Done by last year's Korea's GBWC champ, sori.Kim. Enjoy!