Friday, June 21, 2013

Valvrave 3 Review

    So I've moved on into a Valvrave phase. What's that you ask? I'm not too sure either...I just finished watching the only the first episode LOL. It's from Sunrise Studios, the guys behind the Gundam franchise, and it's a new series so the verdict on it hasn't been fully passed. From the anime though, it seems promising, if not entirely original - school boy meets mecha, school boy pilots mecha, school boy becomes master mecha pilot. Sounds familiar? Heh. Anyway we're more concerned about the model kit. Bandai has manufactured an NG 1/144 series for VR. I missed the first suit, which is red and the protananist of the story, but maaaan when I saw this one, I had to get me one. Those giant claws are making me salivate LOL.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

NECA 1/4 IRON MAN review

    I told myself I wouldn't buy this fella. And then three days later I bought him LOL. So much for self restraint. So here it is folks, the Neca 1/4 Iron Man. For the uninitiated, 1/4 is HUGE, at about 18 inches. If you're standing next to it on the floor, it'll probably be almost up to your knee. Why did I need such a behemoth? I dunno man....probably because it's cheap for that size - slightly over $200 - and it's posable, lights up, and comes with a not-too-bad paint job and decent details. I dig the red metallic sheen. I also like the proportion of it. This may be hearsay to some toy collectors but I fint Hot Toy's figures sometimes a bit stocky or chunky. Even Playarts can get that way. But as you'll see later, this Iron Man is pretty slender, yet with enough bulk to give it some sense of power. And did I mention it lights up? LOL

Friday, June 14, 2013


    Since I'm on a roll here raising some issues near and dear to the community, I thought I might as well ask the question that has been on everybody's lips here in my country - WHERE IS OUR GBWC? As you guys should know by now, every country had their standard Mid-Year Challenge except Singapore. No explanation was given by organisers or Bandai. I imagine it was a logistic problem? They couldn't find a venue? Or did someone somewhere forget to plan it LOL? That would be hilarious.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Modelling Encounters of the Stupid Kind

    Okay. I rarely do rant posts with the exception of last year's infamous GBWC judging fiasco. I thought I would have to wait a while (or maybe until THIS YEAR's GBWC, if it even happens at all, that is LOL) to come up with my next rant, but as it turns out, we don't need to wait that long.

Saturday, June 1, 2013



    Whew finished the remaining armaments! Two Schneider energy blades. I actually prefer these to the War Axe and Shamsher Shield. They kinda have a more raw, primal quality to them that encapsulates Grimlock's persona. As usual, glow effects achieved using Gaia Notes Fluoro Red, a touch of orange yellow and some white misting. Gonna go down to Hobbymate's to shoot some UV shots when I have the time on Mon and do a proper photo set. Meanwhile, this baby's heading down with me tomo in a display case to China Square Central! Do drop by to say hi.