Friday, June 14, 2013


    Since I'm on a roll here raising some issues near and dear to the community, I thought I might as well ask the question that has been on everybody's lips here in my country - WHERE IS OUR GBWC? As you guys should know by now, every country had their standard Mid-Year Challenge except Singapore. No explanation was given by organisers or Bandai. I imagine it was a logistic problem? They couldn't find a venue? Or did someone somewhere forget to plan it LOL? That would be hilarious.
    So since we've got no Mid-Year challenge, I thought Bandai was planning a big one for the yearend. Maybe we'd get more support this time. But it's nearing July. Iron Man 3 has flown out. Hell, even Superman has arrived! But there has been no announcement as to when our GBWC is yet. Or will there even be one? The GBWCs of other countries have all been announced. America's GBWC was announced as early as March. Going by last year's date, if our GBWC this year (assuming there is one), is in November again, that just leaves us about four months to prepare. And we're assuming it's in November, folks. If it's any earlier, it would be kinda ridiculous. Of course, we can always say - one should have been preparing for one's GBWC a year in advance, and not waiting for the announcement. But this is an official competition so some degree of formality is to be expected isn't it?

    And what if there is NO GBWC? What then would happen to the poor souls who have started preparing a year in advance, and held the hope that their masterpieces would be displayed by yearend? I would like to see organisers answer to these folks (I'm not one of them, by the way. Whether I have began on my GBWC, or whether I am even taking part in it or not, that's anyone's guess winkwink).

    I don't have to be hired by Bandai, or be a business guru to figure out that the COMMUNITY is what keeps a business afloat. More people taking part in GBWC = more publicity = more people buying kits = more $$$ for Bandai. It ain't rocket science LOL.

    So folks, while the clock is ticking away and we're approaching July, let's all wait for the announcement to see if Singapore would even feature in the 2013 GBWC Finals, because once again, the question on everyone's minds is - WHERE IS OUR GBWC? 


zoidx_chung said...

GBWC Malaysia falls on early October

Waylander said...

If ours is around there, that's still way too early given they haven't announced anything yet man. Getting kinda ridiculous...