Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gundam Build Fighters Ep 3-8 REVIEW

"WE, GUNPLARER!!!!!!" Oh yeah. That has to go down as the gunpla quote of the decade LOL. 'Hi, I'm a Gunplarer! How are you?' -_- The best part about this irreverent scene is that my girlfriend walked in on me watching it. And rolled her eyes. Of all the cool fight scenes and meaningful ones where characters explain their love for playing with 'toys', she has to choose this scene to walk in on. Jeez man. Might have been better walking in on me watching porn LOL.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


    So you'd probably say I'm a tad slow, because Sunrise's latest Gundam series 'Gundam Build Fighters' is already out for a while now but I'm only just started on eps 1 and 2. What can I say? Age was a letdown...I didn't even bother with Gunpla Builders (was that what it was called?)...and when I saw the kiddy-like trailers for GBF, I was like mehhhhhhh. Not another Pokemon. Despite friends telling me it's actually not bad if you sit through all the kiddy stuff, I couldn't sit past ep 1. Lost interest midway through. But then a few nights ago, out of sheer boredom I returned to it and lo and behold, I actually lasted till the end of ep 2, and am looking forward to ep 3! LOL. BUT first things first - the series is probably the MOST unrealistic of all Gundam series. Not because toy gundams can fight in a VR game. Nonono, actually this technology might be Gunpla of the future, who knows rite? But nonono GBF is unrealistic bcos of something ELSE. Here's my case: