Saturday, May 26, 2012

VANQUISH [ARS] by Kai Arts

    I have no idea why I got this LOL. But it's by Square Enix, the guys who brought us the exquisite Black Label Collectors series by Kai Arts with kickass works like the Arkham Batman. Sooo, I was sold after seeing this set in the shop. This folks, looks like a mash-up of Iron Man, Halo, and Karman Rider doesn't it? Apparently, it's from the video game Vanquish. And similarly, it's some super suit that transforms the wearer into a super soldier etc know the rest. There's something about the design, those panel lines, those curves, that catches my eye. It's about the size of a large MG kit. Could be useful reference for a future gunpla project...who knows? :P

Friday, May 18, 2012

Zephyr [spallow stealth blade]

    Here's the final piece to my trio of Ages - Zephyr (pronounced 'Zy-fer'...look it up. It's a word lol). I didn't want any elaborate colour scheme on this one. He's supposed to be ninja Gundam, so stealth colours in a cool metallic sheen should do it. I know, I know - How can it be stealth when it's so bling rite? lol. Well it's more of a stylistic choice I made for the colour. I do feel that in this scheme it does look more ninja-ish than the original colour, dontcha think? What's more, we're building giant flying robots here....Does ANY of it make sense????? :P As for the energy blade, those of you who're familiar with Xbox will know what I'm talking about. Winkwink. It's made from the blades of the MG Qanta of course. I just thought the Spallow needed a more badass slashing weapon instead of that puny dagger they gave him. Less talk, more pics - Enjoy!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

PG Strike Freedom [Detailed up]

         This is a build from last year, whose photoshoot is long overdue lol. I don't really own it per se - it resides at HAW - as this was done as a display piece for last year's GBWC 2011. Nevertheless, I consider it as my breakthrough piece, even though it was never entered for any compy. Learnt a lot of techniques on this build, thanks to invaluable advice of Toymaker. The goal was to detail up the PG SF, but remain faithful to the original design and colour scheme. I completed the main body and had to move on to my GBWC entry, so Sam from HAG/HAW finished up the wings. Credit to Toymaker for the pics.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Coming to your screens next....

    Finally it's here! The Spallow (still can't get used to that name...sounds like an act of spitting and swallowing lol), to complete the trio. I'm hoping to get this in the bag within the next week or so, and then we'll see if they're worthy of a mid-year compy entry put together. Winkwink. First up though, comes the most brain-wrecking part - deciding what colour to do this fella up in, so that it'll fit and balance out those of the Amphion and Juggernaut:

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


    It's been a while since I posted mecha porn stuff. I usually do it as I'm searching for inspiration and  gearing up for the yearend GB. You'd be amazed at the weird shit that's out there, if you bother to look in the right places. I recommend the website Deviant Art, where graphic artists upload their masterpieces. So what's your take on some of the designs I'm about to unleash on you guys eh? Ogle away:

Monday, May 7, 2012

Gundam Age 3 ep review

    As I wait for the Spallow kit to come in so I can complete my set, let's talk about the series. I've caught eps 28-30, and we're now into the third and last generation where the Age 3 is finally revealed.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


    This leisure build turned out to be a little more work than expected lol. Right after my Age-1 GB, I embarked on the Titus, cos I had the itch to do it up in a more menacing colour scheme, and give it some weapons. I like the aura of brute force the design boasts, but it was hard to take this MS seriously in the original colours lol. It just felt kinda....cartoony. So the goal was to break up the form of those massive ball shoulders with different colouring, throw in some designer decals and metallics, and slap on some badass weapons. Viola!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


    What did you do on Labour Day? We laboured over Gundams. LOL. Yep here's the lowdown of what went on at HAW today where 19 Age-1 entries were put up on show for a cosy Group Build gathering. This is the biggest GB HAG/HAW has ever organised, and the turnout was fantastic! Thanks fellas for coming down and taking part! We had a blast. Everyone present was asked to vote (of course contestants can't vote for their own kits, duh) and the results were tallied.....Soooo without further ado, let's kickstart this with the winners! - 


    And the duo is complete! Presenting the pastel-scheme pair of ZETHUS (in orange) and AMPHION (I can't think of an overall team name right now...)! This is part of a GB, as mentioned, at HAW. Toymaker and I decided to come up with a pair of OOB Age-1s, done up in pastel colour scheme, and decked out in the Strike's Launcher and Sword pack. For those of you showing up for the GB reveal tomorrow, see you there! Less talk more pics, enjoy!