Saturday, May 26, 2012

VANQUISH [ARS] by Kai Arts

    I have no idea why I got this LOL. But it's by Square Enix, the guys who brought us the exquisite Black Label Collectors series by Kai Arts with kickass works like the Arkham Batman. Sooo, I was sold after seeing this set in the shop. This folks, looks like a mash-up of Iron Man, Halo, and Karman Rider doesn't it? Apparently, it's from the video game Vanquish. And similarly, it's some super suit that transforms the wearer into a super soldier etc know the rest. There's something about the design, those panel lines, those curves, that catches my eye. It's about the size of a large MG kit. Could be useful reference for a future gunpla project...who knows? :P

Yeah, it even comes with a face, though of course don't expect the sculpt to look as good as Hot Toys. Still, it's passable.

Presenting my only three Play Arts collectibles. (I'm trying to resist the others, lest my wallet goes kaput!)

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