Monday, May 7, 2012

Gundam Age 3 ep review

    As I wait for the Spallow kit to come in so I can complete my set, let's talk about the series. I've caught eps 28-30, and we're now into the third and last generation where the Age 3 is finally revealed.

    First up, the chapter closes in ep 28 where we see Asemu with a completely white Age 2, a tribute to Woolf no doubt, finishing up a Vagan force sent to assassinate a treacherous Fed general.

    Ep 28 fizzled out for me, to be honest. It just seemed like they wanted wrap up Age 2 as quickly as possible, and everything felt rushed, including the plot itself - Why send an MS team to take out a general? Might as well just assassinate him quietly or with spies rite? LOL. And then that weird-ass suit with the tail and claws - I suppose its a precursor to Zeheart's red suit, but maaaaan that's just weird-looking lol.

    And on we move to ep 30, where Asemu is a grown man, married to Rosemary predictably, and we see a baby Kio. Conveniently though, we never see Asemu in action again as the series wraps and fast forwards years into the future where Kio is suddenly grown and we learn Asemu is MIA. Is he dead? Will he return? I guess it's Sunrise's plan to keep us guessing....

    Flit is a grizzled old grumpy fart who's still tough as nails. Kio's the new messiah and hey presto, turns out Kio was born to pilot the Gundam since gramps bought him a game console system from young that's actually a simulator of the Gundam's controls. At this point they might as well just conclude that all Asuno men are born with the ability to pilot a Gundam lol. Oh and from the numerous hunches that Kio seems to have whenever danger beckons, it's probably safe to assume that unlike his poor father Asemu, Kio's a latent X Rounder.

    I can't say much about Vagan's new suits either....They leave me with mixed feelings, what with their Dino-looking MSes....Feels like we're watching Ultraman not Gundam lol. I duno bout you, but if you wanna make enemy suits look like flying dinos, at least make them more badass looking eh? What's with those bunny ears man....Looks like Pokemon had babies with Gozilla lol.

Enter Age 30. The Diva's still around, it seems, although completely outdated..

    We have a new endearing novice captain in erm...LTC Einus. EINUS.Yes my friends, it is exactly how you're hoping it WOULDN'T sound LOL. First 'Yurin'. Now 'Einus'. Why do I get the feeling the Japs actually KNOW what these words sound like in English, and it's a deliberate dig at Westerners. I'm just saaaaying. And we thought Age was for kids LOL.

    I must say I very much prefer this MS team to the Age 2's though. This bunch of pilots seem waaay tougher with Orbright in the mix....And who's that pink-haired femme fatale with the deep voice? Sexy. LOL.

    In this installment Kio and Zeheart do battle for the first time. At least Zeheart's suit isn't as silly-looking, but it's still a little too organic for my liking. It's almost like they don't want us to see the Vagan suits as rival mecha, but insects and beasts instead...

     The Age 3, as is obvious by now, is all bout BFGs. So the Age system coughs up a really kickass mini-photon ring ray gun. BBOOOMMM.

     Overall, I would say that ep 30 ends with the right momentum and leaves us wanting more...But I didn't really like how the Age 2 generation ended so hastily. They did a good transition with Age 1 to 2, but didn't fare so well with 2 into 3. It almost feels like you're running a marathon where, instead of a comfortable pace throughout, there are times in between where you have to run in spurts that throw you off momentum. I do like the beefy design of the Age 3, although it doesn't feel as iconic as the Age-1 at this point. But I'll have to see what the MG version looks like before committing to a verdict.

    The other variations of the Age 3 don't exactly turn me on, but it remains to be seen what the actual kits look like. Like the Age-1, which I'm now a convert of, sometimes, with the kits, ya never know....

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