Thursday, August 23, 2012

THE O land combat ver. by SOP0310 with WIPs

    This is a build from last year, but I only just came across full WIP pics of this monster, so I'm re-posting it b'cos well, it just DESERVES a re-posting. No offense to last year's Japan GBWC winner, but how this guy didn't grab the grand prize totally baffles me. Especially if you see how much sheer effort and work was put into it. Let's just sit back and ogle lol.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Scratch-Built Madness...Sazabi Zampriolo

    I wished I could say this is is my WIP, but it isn't of course lol. Came across this amazing build on the net and just have to collect it for my own archives! Details are sketchy on this one as I got the pics from the FB page of Mecha Inspire, a general group which consolidates mechas the world over. I was told this masterpiece is 10 years in the making, and by the looks of it, still going lol. TEN YEARS?!!? Sheesh.