Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winners' Circle: WISH by yamatatu

        Here's something I thought I should have in my archives just for personal record. As y'all should know by now, it's Japan's winner for the GBWC, which means this is what you're up against if you represent your country in the Finals in HK next month. 

    I must admit I wasn't very impressed by initial pictures of this build at first, except for the fact that it was unique and probably stood out from all the other impressive entries in Japan. But upon close inspection from clearer pics such as these, I realised the paintjob is indeed top-notch, and also the guy managed some really intriguing dragon scale pattern on the Sinanju, which gives it an eerie, ethereal organic look, topped by PG Wing Zero wings. And somehow, the colours - that rich gold-on-black, and pearly purplish white hue and violet highlights - all come together to make this piece of work grow on you every time you come back and see it. Enjoy!

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krescenhaze said...

wOw! The dragon's scales are very impressive. That's the winning recipe of this entry! :)