Sunday, November 27, 2011

S'pore GBWC 2011 results

    Woohoo a 3rd place finish is good enough for me this year! This is my first time breaking into the Top 3 placing, since starting out as Best Newcomer last year. Once again, two persons that deserve the biggest thanks for this result (which to be honest, I wasn't expecting - there're a coupla more impressive entires in this year's compy so I thought my chances were slim for even a Top 3): Toymaker, as always, for his guidance, and *ahem* my girlfriend, for her patience with this hobby.

    You guys have seen enough of my entry, so here're the Top 2:

2nd Place: Praxis by Izakku81

Champion: Sazabi by Moscower

    Congrats to all prize winners across all categories, and all the best to Moscower (second from right, second row from top. The dude in the blue striped polo)! Thanks also to Leon Chen from Open the Toy, for the personal pic of me and Jap MG master Kawaguchi san (see bottom-most).

I'll post more pics of Moscower's Sazabi in a separate Winners' Circle post. Do us proud in HK bro!


Jayesh Enterprise said...

Congrats at breaking into top 3 waylander. Also noticed the details in your strike freedom too. Awesome work.

krescenhaze said...

Congratulations bro!

Waylander said...

Hey guys, thanks! :)

LEon said...

Congrats for getting the top 3! You have come a long way!

Waylander said...

Thanks bro! Hope to do better next yr! And thanks too for the pics. :)

Matanglawin said...

Congrats, man! Like you, I broke through the "elusive" top 3. Last year, I didn't even get any minor prize, and the year before that, the Ronin didn't make it.

Waylander said...

Yo Thanks MatX! Congrats too on your win. I like your Ronin. Here's to a higher ranking next year possibly! :)