Sunday, November 20, 2011

GBWC 2011 Philipppines (coverage and results)

    While we await the results for the GBWC here in S'pore, lets hop over for a peek at what's going down in the Philippines! Judging from the slew of pics, they have tons of entries man. Special thanks to Dark Workx and Don (DC23), for whom all the pics you see here are from.

    First up, an update on the results. The Philippine champ is a first-time winner Michael Costa or Bulastog from Mac forums, with his 1/60 Buster conversion (above). Congrats Mike! More pics on DC's blog.

And in second place, a favourite of mine by Fil. Wish I had a close-up of this fella. I think the way the water is done really gives a dynamic feel to the whole piece. Like everything's coming alive, and frozen just for one moment. My bet is that this might win something, though I would like a closer view to be sure...Gotta learn how to do water like that!:

In hot third is a 'samuraised' PG Astray by Mat X, whom I've met and spoken quite a bit with on our trip to the Philippines:

And now, the other entries! Let's roll:

A really unique ELS Qanta.

WOAH. A leopard-print Gundam!!! LOL.

I actually like this one, although this is the only pic on it. Wish I could see it from more angles. I like how movement and action is depicted in this fight scene, down to the explosion. Nice!

Very interesting scale pattern there on the side pieces of the head.

The Double 0 Gundam from Dark Workz himself. Good luck bro!

Another piece by our friend:

Nicely blended colour scheme for the Exia.


Nice colour concept.


 That's one badass SD.

Lots of Exias this year.

 Grey-Red colour combi. Always a fav!

That's one whacked up Sinanju...LOL.

Impressive set of wings!

Nice action pose for the Sinanju.

One of the most interesting pieces from what I see. Full marks for innovation!

And last but not least, another hot fav of mine - a Sinanju-Kshatriya kitbash in an interesting lime green scheme. 

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