Wednesday, November 2, 2011

gundam age ep4 review

 This is probably a bit late guys, sorry, as I've been busy completing my GBWC project. I'm in the final stretch now and should be able to finish by the deadline (one more wk!) barring no major screwups!! Anyway, back to Gundam Age. Episode 4 sees our hero introduced to wiseguy ace Woolf Enneacle.

    Nothing much happens in this ep, except for two big scenes - the friendly showdown between Flit and Woolf in the stake for the Age Gundam. Woolf wants it but obviously Flit isn't willing to let it go.

    Thing to note here - the custom Genoace Woolf goes out in. That's a notch up from the cannon fodder usuals we were used to seeing. Perhaps the Genoace does have some potential after all, although I still think it looks like a giant astronaut thanks to the head visor! LOL.

   Another quirk of Gundam Age - these kiddy mechanisms that seem to pop up from everyday life. First the 3D printer for Flit's DODs rifle, then in this ep, Flit and Woolf use the space equivalent of paintball guns for their mock battle. Paintball?? Really??? In the advanced space-faring future??? In an MS mock fight??? Lol. I can't say it's slick, but I can't say it ain't entertaining either!

    Last but not least. The biggest nugget of this ep - the UE MOTHERSHIP!! Wowzas. Yep, our guys run into the motherload while conducting their paintball space battle. If you thought the mech designs in this series were radical, the UE mothership takes the bloody cake! Totally organic and totally alien, I must say, it fits the sinister style of the UE. I wonder if a model kit of this monster will ever be released! It'd be interesting to see.

    So what do I think of the series so far after 4 eps? I'm not sure if it's getting better, but I'm definitely kept curious and wanting to see more, so I guess that's a good sign. Still, like I've mentioned in previous posts, more gundams to complement the Age might serve to add to theshow's appeal. But right now it seems Flit is flying solo for a while, and I don't think Woolf's gonna pilot any gundam anytime soon. He's more of a Mula Flaga-type hero.

    Spoiler alert!!! Some rumours have been swirling about the UE not being actual enemies of humanity, and that they are actually humans from the future, sent back to prepare Flit's generation for the advent of the real enemy and hence, speed up the development of the Gundam. I've been hearing this rumour around so much it's probably true. And if so, it's a pretty refreshing plot change, although the concept isn't new. Guess it keeps us all tuned in to see what the UE pilots look like, and what are the real enemy.

    Till next ep, it's back to my GBWC pjt!!!

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Unknown said...

This series's characters seems to be shout outs to many other previous characters:

Age: RX-78-2, 0 Gundam mixed together with the MKII's shield.
Yurin: Tiffa Adill
Emily: Frau Bau
Woolf: Loran Cehack appearance with Bernard Monsha's attitude.

Also of note, many fans are now calling Woolf's custom the Genoace Unicorn Custom. Even the wolf insignia on the shield looks suspiciously similar to the unicorn insignia on the Nu's shield.