Sunday, November 6, 2011


    This is what you do after a big weight have been lifted off your shoulders since completing my GBWC entry in time for the deadline. I guess you can call it...a 'release'. LOL. While I'm still working on proper photos of my Delta to post, I just felt like spinning a side story for the project, which weaves into the Trinity Secret War saga that I did for a group build by some of my friends last year. People who don't like to read, you can tune out here, 'cos it's mostly words. But if you're kind enough to indulge me on this, you can more or less guess what MS (nope it's not the Delta, even though I use that as a base kit!) I will be presenting for the competition. I hope that my words entertain. Enjoy folks!

Adapted from the Gundam story-line by WAYLANDER

Case File 001810 Origin: Unknown Information: Classified


    The Legend of Trinity is based on a secret war thought to have been fought between the Federation and a long-forgotten colony, right before the advent of the mobile suit known as the RX-0 Gundam Unicorn. In U.C. 0095, two years after the events of Char's Counter-attack and one year before the appearance of Unicorn, the Anaheim blueprints of an ultra-advanced MS system were stolen by spies from a mysterious New Type colony with origins thought to be related to the neutral Side 6. Three suits of fearsome power, allegedly the predecessors of the MSN-06N Sinanju, developed from this effort - They are still remembered in legend as Trinity. The Federation launched a retrieval mission, which escalated into a full-scale genocide of proportions hithero unmatched in humanity's history. Also, the awesome power wielded by Trinity was unstable, and the Colony succumbed after putting up a fierce fight. In a horrendous act of retaliation and paranoia, the Federation annihilated the entire Colony, resulting in the tragic loss of hundreds of millions of civilian lives. To cover up the atrocity from the sympathetic eyes of the Earth public, all files on Trinity were purged. Only hearsay exists to keep the legend of the Secret War alive.....        (Full story of Trinity HERE)



    In recent months, rumours of another MS, thought to have played a pivotal role in the Secret War, have surfaced. While the Federation maintains its denial of anything related to Trinity, technical files and battle logs have been retrieved that seem to hint at this mysterious suit, although no one can affirm if the information is authentic. 

    According to legend, Trinity's last stand was against a mobile suit also of awesome power. Even more mysterious than Trinity, its codename is unknown, but the pilot is rumoured to be a prolific figure in MS combat history returned to action . With the inevitable destruction of Trinity due to sheer Fed numbers and the fact that the trio's unstable psychoframe systems were breaking down, Fed Admirals estimate that it would still take one to two more days of fighting before victory is guaranteed. Although ailing, Trinity was still affecting colossal damages on Fed troops, and the body count was piling. The Federation stands to lose at least three more MS squadrons in this period of time. A mercenary, whose allegiance is unclear, but thought to be a former ace, volunteers to pilot a top secret MS into the fray as a quick solution to end the bloodshed. This suit, although lacking the psychoframe technology, was said to wield monstrous firepower and cutting edge combat capabilities. It was initially intended to be a future Fed weapon still in developmental stages. 

    Fed central command, adamant to conserve resources and avoid more casualties, authorised this unit with its wildcard pilot known only as The Righteous One, to sortie. To atone for what he was about to commit, The Righteous One struck a pact with the Federation - that after Trinity was vanquished, the Colony should be spared. With the new MS in the fight and Trinity on its last legs, it did not take long for the latter to fall. Trinity put up a fearsome fight, and on a level playing field, would have most certainly won, but weakened by continuous battle and their flawed psychoframes, all three suits were vanquished by The Righteous One. Unfortunately, his calls for Fed commanders to honour their promise fell on deaf ears. Desperate to cover up the atrocities of the Secret War and wipe out any existing traces of the stolen technology on the Colony, the Federation moved in to eradicate their enemy's civilian population, now defenseless. 

    In a berserk show of fury, The Righteous One stood his ground, ignoring orders to fall back in line. Just like that, sides have changed. He would be the sole defender of the Colony. Earth's forces had no choice but to fight their own champion. Legend says the short battle for morality that ensued was just as vicious as the Secret War itself. This lone MS that would challenge the remaining might of Earth wielded a particle cannon so powerful that one burst was capable of liquefying an entire armada. The weapon was a converted satellite cannon, hastily made portable for this specific use. As for the mecha itself, its combat speed was unmatched except by Trinity, and it utilised an updated form of back-mounted weaponry previously associated with earlier generation suits. These were supposedly known as fin funnels, capable of remote targeting. 

    It took more than half of the firepower needed to fight Trinity, to bring The Righteous One to his knees. No one really knows what happens in the end to this mysterious pilot and his MS, but it is assumed that since the Colony eventually fell, he too was killed in the saga. 

    Till this day, the identity of The Righteous One remains unconfirmed. But his change-of-heart heroics have been immortalised in story and his legendary MS is often referred to as The Forgotten Warrior. Technical specs of this unit are murky, save for the massive orbital particle cannon it was thought to have possessed. Added to its aura of mystery are rumours that this suit is a revised version of another prolific MS in military history, thought to have been destroyed in battle - the MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki, last piloted by Char. Although The Righteous One's behaviour does seem reminiscent of Char, the possibility that it is him returned to pilot a revived MS for Earth does seem far-fetched. No one knows for sure...Others say The Forgotten Warrior is linked to, and resembles a unit that exists today - the MSN-001 Delta Gundam. 

    If this is true, then the heroic legacy associated with Gundams through eras has been preserved, since it was a lone Gundam that stood against the cruel act of genocide, regardless of military allegiance. Although the Secret War is now forgotten, among believers and cultists, the legacy of Trinity, and the mysterious Forgotten Warrior which turned against its own command, lives on in battlefield folklore...and like the intent for the original Hyaku Shiki, will do so for even a 100 years.


mrSeven6398 said...

Cool man.. the story is outstanding for its profile.. though feels like making small of the three Sinanju units but its seems that this custom unit Unicorn crossover Delta plus quite promising.. i can't wait to see the end result.

Waylander said...

Thanks bro. Nah the Sinanju units fell only because they were already on their last legs. I also made sure to ask Toymaker first for his permission for his Sinanju to be 'defeated'. Heh.

seven6398 said...

another sinanju is made by Leon Ku right if i'm not remember wrong.. haha

Waylander said...

Yup. I'm assuming that he is also okay with the premise of the story. hehe :P