Friday, November 4, 2011


    As we near the deadline of submission for my competition, I can't help but feel excited yet pensive at the same time, over some everyday observations and stuff about life in general. There are still some touch-ups that I would like to do on my Delta, but I'm not sure if I have that luxury....I do however, have the luxury of posting this though. Lol. So here goes....

    Those of you still in school or fresh out of school, you can probably tune out as I don't think this is gonna be relevant to you. Then again, if you intend to commit whole-heartedly to this hobby into your working adult life, perhaps you should pay attention..

    Scale-modelling is a very lonely hobby. Most times, our interactions are limited to the online community. But unlike say, a game of basketball or tennis, it is rare that you physically meet people of like mind on a regular basis, save for the occasional group meets and fortunate trips like the one I made to the Philippines recently. And when you have a dayjob to handle with other adult duties and commitments to maintain, your hobby is a luxury that you do, away from the indifferent eyes of family and friends, late at night, by your lonesome self.

   Only the select few are fortunate enough, to have family members, or a partner, a spouse, who is genuinely interested in what they do, who can take the time to sit down with you, and listen to your trials and tribulations. It may seem frivolous. After all, to most people, these are just toys. We're at the end of the day, grown men playing with toys, are we not? How many of you have had to endure the skeptical, sarcastic eye of someone whom you're trying to explain to that gundam is ART? Hur.....

    I have had to wonder sometimes...If gundam were not gundam. If gundam were say a CFA. (Those exams that you have to pass to become an accountant or go into the financial industry and earn big bucks.) Would it change anything? Would having to set aside time to study, having to ask for understanding and support from your close ones, be easier? Because it's something tangible. It equates to ambition. It equates to money. It's relatable. Lets not even talk about money. What if gundam were mainstream art? What if, instead of having to pick up an airbrush or sand paper, you're picking up a canvas and brush? You're working hard to be an artist so that maybe...just maybe, one day, you can do this for a living? To others, you're working hard at something worthwhile, so you deserve full support. But does it mean that just cos it's Gundam, it's ambitionless, it's useless? Think about it....Is the subject matter really the crux here, or is it about supporting a loved one in a passion, no matter how it's gonna turn out, that counts? Are we boxed in by what society considers as success, to the extent we cannot see past unconditional support for our close ones?

    It's just an issue that got me thinking recently. I'm sure those of you with families have had to grapple with something like this once in a while. The unapproving parent. The indifferent spouse. The disdainful girlfriend. So I say, friends, if you have a family member or girlfriend that can appreciate what you do...we're not talking about grudging tolerance here. We're not talking about indifference... We're talking about straight up acceptance, support and interest. We're talking about someone being genuinely excited and happy for you as you put the finishing touches on your best masterpiece to date. If she can remember and differentiate an Exia from a Raiser, or understands panel lines from decal softeners; if your old man can show up at your competition ground just to root for you and to view your display without even being asked to. You'd better hold on to these people. Cos they don't come around often, and you're one of the lucky few.



mobile_suit said...

hey, i share your thoughts too. whenever i say about Gundams, my friends will say "plastic again..." or "stop spending time with your plastics..." it hurts definitely because Gundams means different to us modelers... but i'm glad that i found people who shares the same hobby as i do! 8) besides its my hobby and i'm the one interacting with the Gundams so, i think my thoughts & passion are more important to my Gundams instead...
have a nice day there! 8)

Waylander said...

Yo bro thanks for commenting! Yeah I say just follow your heart. As long as we lead a balanced life and don't go overboard with our hobby, I dont see what's wrong with it. Just cos it's not something everyone can identify with. Stay true and have fun man! All the best.

emonem said...

bro, just read your post, i am from the Philippines and i saw you together with toymaker during your visit here, i was just a bit shy to approach you.
I can totally relate to your post, though i have a supportive wife for this hobby but i sometimes feel alone in the hobby and none of my immediate friends really cant relate with my passion...on- line gundam community is great but nothings beats having a family or close friend sharing your passion.