Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Let's take some of the attention away from things happening on our side of the world for a while, and look at the GBWC on Japan's side, shall we? Yep, the Japs are taking part in this year's compy too. Their results are out. The pics are taken from Crunchyroll, so due credit to them.

    First up, this white Wing-Sinanju as you see here, is their overall champion, which means this is what we'll face if we win in our own country's compy and make it to HK to compete. Quite an eye-catcher huh? Pretty fresh concept. Does it make you wanna change or add any tweaks to your current piece? I'm surmising it's probably too late. LOL.

    And now, the remaining entries. Enjoy!

Junior cat winner:

Looking for bigass dios? Check it:

    And of course, the cutesey stuff:


Unknown said...

Oh shi... That Wing Sinanju looks like it would fit in AGE perfectly. And that samurai gundam, looks like it should be in Shinkengers. Pretty incredible.

Jayesh said...

Wow did u see the katana on the Mk2 gundam musha? Awesome effect! Wonder what waylander is sending in this year, oh well we'll know soon enough!

Waylander said...

Hey bro, yeah some of the entries are pretty awesome over in Japan eh? Um, I dont think mine's at that level yet...But I'll post up some pics soon. SOON! hehe.

tulispendekpendek said...

The Kyoshiro-like 0 Gundam really catches me!!