Sunday, May 19, 2013

Zoids Group Build 2013 at HAW

    The Zoids GB this afternoon at HAW was HOTHOTHOT in more ways than one - it was hot in that it was a HIT with modellers since there were about over 10 kits in all, with some mega ones (and I'm not just referring to my King). But it was also hot cos whew, felt like a sauna in there thanks to the number of bodies that showed up, including modellers' buddies, partners, families and regular customers. Imagine the buzz. This pic doesn't even begin to capture how packed we were...

Friday, May 17, 2013

KING GOJULAS (Zoids GB 2013)

    This monster is so big, there is no proper way one can capture his full magnificence, unless you see it live LOL. I hope these studio shots give at least an idea of how majestic The King is. It's an old Tomy kit, hardly comparable in terms of articulation and design to today's modern Koto versions, but it's still a work of art. I wished I could turn back time and buy ALL the old giant zoids while they were going for peanuts in toy departments lol. This was a rushed build, but overall, I'm happy with the results, given that it took a helluva effort masking and hand-painting details to make parts really pop with colour, and segment armoured parts. All the itsy bitsy blingsy parts you see have been either hand-painted or masked-sprayed. I cut the wires for the lights since I intended to paint the eyes and horn fluoro red anyway, but otherwise the motor is intact. I popped in some batteries, flipped the switch....and woke up the entire neighbourhood LOL. This baby can ROOOOOAAARRRR! Mine can't walk though (because I cut out those ugly lateral feet extensions that were meant for traction). He just kinda shuffles on the spot, swings his tails, flails his claws, gapes and lets out his ultrasonic scream that I think, is supposed to disable any enemy weaponry or just well...blow them to bits. At least that's what it did to my ear drums....

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

ZOIDS Group Build King Gojulas (Update)

    You know how sometimes you build a kit thinking it'll come out one way, and then when it's done, you take a step back to survey your handiwork and uhhh it turns out another way? LOL. This is one of those times. To be honest I was rushing it, so I didn't pay enough attention to the finished product as I wanted to get the King outta the way so I can finish up on Grimlock and get down to my serious build this year which will be...surprise surprise - a Zgok (but more on that at a later time). So here we are with the paints used up and airbrush capped. My King Gojulas is standing tall and handsome....BUT it turned out bling'er than I expected, thanks to the metallics and numerous hand-painting/ masking I applied LOL. That, and the retro-design and details this kit had (it's a Tomy version, not the updated Koto HMM series), culminated in a rather....interesting experience. I'd liken it to...DISCO. Or psychedelic funk. Electro. Whatever. It's something like this: