Sunday, May 19, 2013

Zoids Group Build 2013 at HAW

    The Zoids GB this afternoon at HAW was HOTHOTHOT in more ways than one - it was hot in that it was a HIT with modellers since there were about over 10 kits in all, with some mega ones (and I'm not just referring to my King). But it was also hot cos whew, felt like a sauna in there thanks to the number of bodies that showed up, including modellers' buddies, partners, families and regular customers. Imagine the buzz. This pic doesn't even begin to capture how packed we were...

    So anyway, down to the sexy part of the event - THE KITS! Like I said, response and turnout was much better than we expected. Kudos to one and all. It doesn't matter if your kit is big, small, OOB or modded. It's the camaraderie and fun of a Group Build that counts, right fellas? So in no particular order, here we go!

    This here is a fairly creative take on a mecha Werewolf by Chernliang, perched on a real piece of rock. Must be full cyber moon tonight LOL.

Next up, a highly weathered Canon Tortoise by Reginald. Love the heavy duty, rugged look.

Followed by a Lenna Special Gun Sniper by Edwin Lin, topped up with twin Gatlings. Really interesting Iron Man scheme there and all that blingbling. Nothing like two massive guns to make a kit more menacing. This fella's packing so much heat he'll probably never get past customs LOL.

Here we have a mini-scale Liger in Schneider colours. Small but just as impressive with the details.

Another Gun Sniper by Jhay-ar Guansing. Always a popular kit, these little raptors.

Here's the most unique build of the lot - Reeve Tan's Saber Tiger complete with tiger stripes and armour extensions. Just check out those hand-brushed stripes. Really creative piece!

Another Saber with the Blade Liger add-ons. Gotta say the Saber is one of my fave Zoids kits.

Up next, one of the few Tomy kits. Considering it's an old toy, Jeong Fok's take on the Konig Wolf is definitely a refreshing one. Those blingblings bring out the details on the frame as well and trust me, masking an old Tomy kit is no easy shit LOL.

You can't go wrong with a Liger Jager! This one's done up in stylo fluoro colours by Stanley. Really gives me the racer feel. But you haven't seen anything yet till you check it out in UV light!

Aaaaaand we've come to the Top 3 entries for this event. Yes, it's not a competition but it's always fun to have some voting and prizes thrown in for all that effort no? Courtesy of Joyce from HAG/HAW, the prizes were $50, $100, $150 shop vouchers. Congrats winners! So here we go - 

THIRD: Liger Zero by Francis Jordan
    I must say I'm really encouraged to see non-local friends join in our fun. After all, modelling is a hobby that spans all nationalities. Always one of my favourite kits, Francis went by the book on this one but still executes it excellently, bringing out the Zero's sleek details.

SECOND: Geno Breaker & Shadow Fox by Choco Falcon
    What can I say? Choco really put in a hell lot of effort for this one! Two bases and two kits, one of them being a mid-sized Geno with impressive extensions. This is one big effort. Makes me wanna rip out my genos and make one myself LOL.

 Want more photos of this elaborate build? Check out Choco's blog HERE

FIRST: Maintenance dio by Simon
  This one just blew me away LOL. Simon spent three months on this baby. You need more than pictures. You need to see it live, and then you need more than just a couple of glances to take in everything he has build into this diorama. It comes with custom LEDs and over 20 human figures painstakingly hand-painted. Among the miniature men are two ladies, inserted on request of his daughter LOL. 

Lastly, we've got three more kits by Leon Ku, Toymaker and myself, which were not part of the voting contest. (We were just there to contribute to the fun). Two Kongs and a King Gojulas. I'd say we have enough size LOL.

This is Leon's, all done up in classic gorilla colours ala King Kong, with some humour throw in. He's apparently chasing a kid with bananas LOL. 

Toymaker's War Machine Kong. Really sleek metallic colours to bring out the details on this massive kit. Those red kogs add some nice understated highlights to the steel-cool kit. Man I really feel like assembling mine!

For more pics of his build, check out Toymaker's blog HERE

And of course, you guys have already seen my King Gojulas

What I DIDNT know was that the fluoro actually glows under UV light and does THIS:

    LOL. There you have it guys! A successful and fulfilling Zoids GB 2013. We had so much fun we're probably doing another one. (After all I've got a ton of Zoids kits to clear, and have you seen Toymaker's? LOL). For more and higher qulity pics, check out Leon Chen's post HERE

    Are we having another GB in general? You betcha, but details are not finalised yet. What about the kit? That's still open for discussion. I'm thinkiiiiiing JESTAR! Hmmm.

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why don't have a branch in Viet Nam? I love Zoids but i can't buy them?
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