Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gundam Build Fighters Ep 3-8 REVIEW

"WE, GUNPLARER!!!!!!" Oh yeah. That has to go down as the gunpla quote of the decade LOL. 'Hi, I'm a Gunplarer! How are you?' -_- The best part about this irreverent scene is that my girlfriend walked in on me watching it. And rolled her eyes. Of all the cool fight scenes and meaningful ones where characters explain their love for playing with 'toys', she has to choose this scene to walk in on. Jeez man. Might have been better walking in on me watching porn LOL.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


    So you'd probably say I'm a tad slow, because Sunrise's latest Gundam series 'Gundam Build Fighters' is already out for a while now but I'm only just started on eps 1 and 2. What can I say? Age was a letdown...I didn't even bother with Gunpla Builders (was that what it was called?)...and when I saw the kiddy-like trailers for GBF, I was like mehhhhhhh. Not another Pokemon. Despite friends telling me it's actually not bad if you sit through all the kiddy stuff, I couldn't sit past ep 1. Lost interest midway through. But then a few nights ago, out of sheer boredom I returned to it and lo and behold, I actually lasted till the end of ep 2, and am looking forward to ep 3! LOL. BUT first things first - the series is probably the MOST unrealistic of all Gundam series. Not because toy gundams can fight in a VR game. Nonono, actually this technology might be Gunpla of the future, who knows rite? But nonono GBF is unrealistic bcos of something ELSE. Here's my case:

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

PG GP01 by NUNU (Thailand GBWC 2013 entry)

I just had to keep some of these pics for my personal archives and future reference, because Thai modeller Nunu has done an absolutely exquisite job on this PG kit. As y'all know, I have my opinions about the results of the Thai GBWC 2013 for which this entry was submitted, but since I've already blogged about it, let's not go there. We'll instead appreciate this entry for what it's worth. Could more have been done? Sure. Maybe he could have used a different colour scheme. Maybe it would actually have looked better without a maintenance bay, just a standalone acrylic piece like you see here. Or maybe if Nunu had the time for an equally exquisite maintenance bay to go along with the Gundam, it would have popped too. But we can go on forever about the maybes. End of the day, only one thing is for sure. His details ROCK. This is beyond RG type detailing on a PG-scale, and the difficulty level is off the charts, folks. I for one, liked his concept - showing half of a body with opened armour, and the other half, closed. But man am I glad I never acted on the idea bcos this one would put anything I could do to shame LOL.  If you want some panel-lining and armour-separation references, you've come to the right place. Let's roll...

Monday, October 28, 2013

Thailand GBWC results (and the one that got away)

Photo credits: MDC Thailand

    As you know, with any competition, there can only be one winner (or three), and there has to be losers. That's life. With due respect to the winners of Thailand GBWC, they probably all deserve the top prizes. I am sure they must each have their merits to earn them a place in the Top 3. However, there is one entry in there, which I am sure, any hardcore true-blue modeller would have raised his hand for, to argue about its place or lack thereof, in the top ranks. Just one. I don't even wish to point out a few. Just one guy. See for yourself after ogling at the winners' pics, folks, and tell me if I'm over-hyping. At some point you have to sit down and wonder....

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

WTF is going on here, fellas?

    Call it. I have nothing else better to do. Yes, quite possibly. But also, I've just had supper and they say it's not good to sleep straightaway after a meal sooooo I'm vegging out in front of the computer browsing Gundam porn (Yeah, the Gundam type, mind you. What were you thinking??) and I came across THIS - A post by Gundam Guy on some of the GBWC entries in Philippines, which sparked over 60 comments and counting with all kinds of expert views, insults and essays. And I just thought...Why not weigh in on the issue since sometimes people comment on my stuff too, and thanks to the anonymity of the Internet, here we are, all keyboard warriors in our underwear furiously firing out righteous salvos after salvos in the name of namelessness because, well, without a name or a face, we're invincible, aren't we? 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Philippines GBWC 2013 results

    It'ssssssssss RESULTS SUNDAY! And here we have the results for the Philippines GBWC (left to right). This year's theme for the competition, as my friend Krescenhaze says, is "GO BIG OR GO HOME"!!! LOL. Lots of monster entries including...ahem...a monster truck! Oh yeah you read right. A TRUCK. The Filipinos have a flamboyant style in their modelling, as you can see from the kits here. And they are not afraid to go all out. Less words, more pics so you can pore over the absolutely nutso details these guys have. Congrats to all winners! All pics courtesy of Krescenhaze.

Malaysia GBWC 2013 Results and overview

    So here we have it folks, our neighbours' GBWC has also concluded, and the results announced. I dare say Malaysia's overall standard this year far outstrips Singapore's. They had four to five pieces which were probably in close contention for the top spot, and I'd say their Top 3 could have been the champion in any other country. IMHO, Malaysia so far, tops the class for overall quality and skill level on the worldwide GBWC scene. Congrats to all, but there can only be one winner, of course. So congratulations to Phoon for his awesome story scene! Good luck in Japan, bro! Without further ado, let's roll...

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Malaysia GBWC 2013

Here we go people! I'm always excited about Malaysia's GBWC because they are so close to us, and last year I took a road-trip up with Toymaker to go visit our neighbours in KL. (We are going again this weekend!) So Msia's GBWC has started, and they've got some interesting entries. As always, realism is their specialty, but some standouts this year, including Shermen's piece (above) is a real interesting take on Mobile Armour reminiscent of Eday's champion entry last year. It's a Delta-turned-Deep Striker that straight away captures the impagination. Featured here are other notable standouts (IMHO). For more pics, check out Pla-Zone's FB page. So without further ado, as we always say, less words, more pics. Let's roll:

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


    So I've been wanting to do this for some time without offending people (which is why it took some time LOL), but there is no way around it. You see, hundreds of entries from around the world compete each year for GBWC. But there can only be one winner per country....or three, if you consider 2nd and 3rd place winners. So what happens to the rest? They fall by the wayside. Maybe they went home with a Merit, or some Best MG category prize, which in my opinion - and this is just in my opinion folks, you are entitled to yours - has lost some of its meaning, as categories get more convoluted (what's a Best Age entry when one of the entries in the Top 3 IS an Age, rite? Shouldn't it be 2nd-Best Age then? LOL). So these guys, the wayside kids, the head-scratcher favourites, the unsung heroes of yesteryear, so to speak, deserve a repeat mention, if they haven't already been mentioned in their year. These are the entries who looked locked in for a Top 3 placing in their year and country...maybe even for the champ. But somehow....just SOMEHOW,

Sunday, September 29, 2013

GBWC Singapore 2013 results!!!

    Here we go folks! Fresh off the press. GBWC Singapore 2013 results have been announced:

(left to right)
First Place: Aesalon by Choco Falcon
Second Place: Shinigami by MechaMan
Third Place: Derrick Poh

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Singapore GBWC 2013 coverage

    So here we are again, folks! On the eve of the Singapore GBWC 2013 at Nex. Submission day is always exciting for me, whether or not I take part, because I get to see some of the entries up close before the acrylic panels go up, and the trembling hands of modellers as they gingerly set up their kits LOL. As always, less words more pics. Lets roll...

Friday, September 20, 2013

Singapore GBWC (sneak peek at two hot favourites)

Booya! Sorry for the lay-off guys. Been busy with the new job and then well my photobucket account hit its limit LOL. Anyway I'm back with some juice. The Singapore GBWC is underway, and while actual submission day is tomorrow, some contestants are already putting up teasers online. There are still too few pics to determine our overall standard this year, but two caught my eye, and hell, they even look good going at each other LOL. ~Dingdingding~ *Boxing ringmaster's voice* "On the left, folks, we have Aesalon by Choco Falcon. AAAAAAaaaaand on the right, Shinigami by MechaMan!!" LOL. Are they the top contenders? We'll see when the other entries come out. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, *ahem* here's the HK winner....

Saturday, August 31, 2013

STGCC 2013 coverage

    My favourite part of the year is here again - the STGCC! Granted, it's nothing compared to HK's AGC or San Diego's Comicon or Japan's WonderFest, but hey it's all we've got! This year's event is promising, and if improving standards are anything to go by, then next year's one should be even more kickass. There were toy stores, artists booths and nerd knick knacks and otaku goodies galore, and of course there were skimpily-clad cosplayers. And Iron Man featured widely too. I sometimes wonder what would toy fairs be like without Iron Man. Somehow people are crazy for Iron Man even though the movie franchise has finished its run...So here's a quick pictorial rundown. Let's roll!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

HONG KONG GBWC 2013 winners and entries (consolidated)

Lead pic credit: Jeff Ho via Plazone
    Ok fellas, one of the first of the GBWCs in our region has just wrapped - Hong Kong's. Here are the winners. What can I say? Nothing much actually LOL, I wasn't there in person to see the entries, though I would have very much liked to since it was at HK's ACG event, one of the biggest toy conventions of the year. Dayuuum... So anyways, congrats to all winners and current GBWC contestants worldwide, you know who to beat if you make it to the finals in Japan winkwink. Of course, let's not forget the other entries, which are featured here. I didn't manage to include every single entry bcos there are just too many. Yes, the Hong Kongers are an enthusiastic bunch. If only we can match them just on entry numbers alone.....At the end of this post, I will also single out a coupla of my personal favourites. I think these guys deserve recognition even though they went home empty-handed. Not that anyone cares of course, but I do! Photo credits go to Gundam Guy, Gundam Kits Collection and G-Zone.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Project Z: First WIP peek

    So a kit that I am working on right now, as you might have guessed from the sneaks posted in the last coupla weeks, is the Zgok. I just thought I'd try something non-Gundam, and an aqua suit at that. Marine MS are always a challenge since they are so odd and fugly. So my goal is to make the Zgok feel powerful, yet graceful. It's usual extendable tubular limbs have to go. I want it to have a 'hero' stance, like the land mechs. But to feel menacing and stout at the same time. After some bashing around and grafting I think I might have finally gotten the basic form on which to detail on. Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Lately I've been playing around with some ideas. Nothing is concrete or confirmed yet. Let's not even talk about GBWC lol. But it's pretty obvious what I'm working with here, is it not?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Valvrave 3 Review

    So I've moved on into a Valvrave phase. What's that you ask? I'm not too sure either...I just finished watching the only the first episode LOL. It's from Sunrise Studios, the guys behind the Gundam franchise, and it's a new series so the verdict on it hasn't been fully passed. From the anime though, it seems promising, if not entirely original - school boy meets mecha, school boy pilots mecha, school boy becomes master mecha pilot. Sounds familiar? Heh. Anyway we're more concerned about the model kit. Bandai has manufactured an NG 1/144 series for VR. I missed the first suit, which is red and the protananist of the story, but maaaan when I saw this one, I had to get me one. Those giant claws are making me salivate LOL.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

NECA 1/4 IRON MAN review

    I told myself I wouldn't buy this fella. And then three days later I bought him LOL. So much for self restraint. So here it is folks, the Neca 1/4 Iron Man. For the uninitiated, 1/4 is HUGE, at about 18 inches. If you're standing next to it on the floor, it'll probably be almost up to your knee. Why did I need such a behemoth? I dunno man....probably because it's cheap for that size - slightly over $200 - and it's posable, lights up, and comes with a not-too-bad paint job and decent details. I dig the red metallic sheen. I also like the proportion of it. This may be hearsay to some toy collectors but I fint Hot Toy's figures sometimes a bit stocky or chunky. Even Playarts can get that way. But as you'll see later, this Iron Man is pretty slender, yet with enough bulk to give it some sense of power. And did I mention it lights up? LOL

Friday, June 14, 2013


    Since I'm on a roll here raising some issues near and dear to the community, I thought I might as well ask the question that has been on everybody's lips here in my country - WHERE IS OUR GBWC? As you guys should know by now, every country had their standard Mid-Year Challenge except Singapore. No explanation was given by organisers or Bandai. I imagine it was a logistic problem? They couldn't find a venue? Or did someone somewhere forget to plan it LOL? That would be hilarious.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Modelling Encounters of the Stupid Kind

    Okay. I rarely do rant posts with the exception of last year's infamous GBWC judging fiasco. I thought I would have to wait a while (or maybe until THIS YEAR's GBWC, if it even happens at all, that is LOL) to come up with my next rant, but as it turns out, we don't need to wait that long.

Saturday, June 1, 2013



    Whew finished the remaining armaments! Two Schneider energy blades. I actually prefer these to the War Axe and Shamsher Shield. They kinda have a more raw, primal quality to them that encapsulates Grimlock's persona. As usual, glow effects achieved using Gaia Notes Fluoro Red, a touch of orange yellow and some white misting. Gonna go down to Hobbymate's to shoot some UV shots when I have the time on Mon and do a proper photo set. Meanwhile, this baby's heading down with me tomo in a display case to China Square Central! Do drop by to say hi.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Zoids Group Build 2013 at HAW

    The Zoids GB this afternoon at HAW was HOTHOTHOT in more ways than one - it was hot in that it was a HIT with modellers since there were about over 10 kits in all, with some mega ones (and I'm not just referring to my King). But it was also hot cos whew, felt like a sauna in there thanks to the number of bodies that showed up, including modellers' buddies, partners, families and regular customers. Imagine the buzz. This pic doesn't even begin to capture how packed we were...

Friday, May 17, 2013

KING GOJULAS (Zoids GB 2013)

    This monster is so big, there is no proper way one can capture his full magnificence, unless you see it live LOL. I hope these studio shots give at least an idea of how majestic The King is. It's an old Tomy kit, hardly comparable in terms of articulation and design to today's modern Koto versions, but it's still a work of art. I wished I could turn back time and buy ALL the old giant zoids while they were going for peanuts in toy departments lol. This was a rushed build, but overall, I'm happy with the results, given that it took a helluva effort masking and hand-painting details to make parts really pop with colour, and segment armoured parts. All the itsy bitsy blingsy parts you see have been either hand-painted or masked-sprayed. I cut the wires for the lights since I intended to paint the eyes and horn fluoro red anyway, but otherwise the motor is intact. I popped in some batteries, flipped the switch....and woke up the entire neighbourhood LOL. This baby can ROOOOOAAARRRR! Mine can't walk though (because I cut out those ugly lateral feet extensions that were meant for traction). He just kinda shuffles on the spot, swings his tails, flails his claws, gapes and lets out his ultrasonic scream that I think, is supposed to disable any enemy weaponry or just well...blow them to bits. At least that's what it did to my ear drums....

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

ZOIDS Group Build King Gojulas (Update)

    You know how sometimes you build a kit thinking it'll come out one way, and then when it's done, you take a step back to survey your handiwork and uhhh it turns out another way? LOL. This is one of those times. To be honest I was rushing it, so I didn't pay enough attention to the finished product as I wanted to get the King outta the way so I can finish up on Grimlock and get down to my serious build this year which will be...surprise surprise - a Zgok (but more on that at a later time). So here we are with the paints used up and airbrush capped. My King Gojulas is standing tall and handsome....BUT it turned out bling'er than I expected, thanks to the metallics and numerous hand-painting/ masking I applied LOL. That, and the retro-design and details this kit had (it's a Tomy version, not the updated Koto HMM series), culminated in a rather....interesting experience. I'd liken it to...DISCO. Or psychedelic funk. Electro. Whatever. It's something like this:

Saturday, April 27, 2013

2013 April Group Build by Gunplafanatics

    We should have more events like this. This post is for all those who took part in the Gunplafanatic Group Build at HAW today! It was great meeting you guys, sharing ideas and seeing your works live. Too bad not everyone brought down their stuff or showed up. All the better for lucky draw winners, since there are less competitors hehehe. Just ask the lucky buggers who won a limited edition MG Blitz and MG Nu Ver. Ka. YES you read right. Those were the lucky draw prizes. (Wished I had taken part.) Without further ado, here we go, awards first:

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gorgeous mecha artwork by Henry1025

    I have no idea who this guy is but I came across his artwork on Gundam Guy and there's something about it - sleek, clean, subtle - that intrigues me. Great for colour references and posing inspiration. Enjoy! Check out the rest of his works HERE.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

MAN OF STEEL (Trailer 3 review)

    Let's take a break from mechs here to explore the latest and third trailer of the Superman Man of Steel movie, flying into theatres this June. Is it a bird? is it a plane? It's.....ONE FRIGGIN' AWESOME TRAILER. Woo. I certainly hope this is not one of those movies where all the good bits are in the trailers with nothing else to shout about in the film proper. But it certainly looks promising.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

PACIFIC RIM (Movie preview)

    So what do we have here? At last!!! A giant robot movie not called Bayformers LOL. I still dunno what to make of Pacific Rim, an upcoming summer blockbuster that looks to be this summer's major hitter and every mecha fan's wet dream. What's it about? Giant friggin' monsters called Kaiju (which is actually a Jap term for well...giant friggin' monsters...does that make em Japanese?) invade earth from a an inter-dimensional portal deep in the Pacific Ocean (Pacific Rim, geddit?), and to fight monsters, mankind has to create monsters - enter the Jaegers. Pretty cool name for giant Psycho Gundam-sized mechas controlled by neural link via two or more pilots. Ooooh yeahhhh. We wanna watch it already LOL. Never mind if it's most likely gonna turn out to be a special effects-laden flop with zero plot direction or character development. Who cares? GIANT. FRIGGIN. ROBOTS!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Zoids GB inspiration...AT LAST.

    Sorry for the layoff fellas! I know I haven't been blogging much lately. Been busy with a ton of other stuff. Anyway, as some of you may know, there's a mini Zoids craze going on in Singapore right now and we've started a Zoids GB, due in May. I've been wrecking my brains about what to present for this GB, which is my return to modelling since last year's GBWC fiasco LOL. Yeah, that's right, enough of endless toy collecting and photo-contests about who has more Zoids LOL.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Toy clearance sales, scalpers, sellers and Michael Jordan

    So I went down to Toys' R Us at Suntec two days ago, 'cos they're having a clearance sale this week. I was kinda excited about some dirt cheap finds I might encounter, since they're declaring up to 60% off on items. Everything has to GOGOGO!! My wallet was quivering with anticipation. Will I find a platinum Year of the Snake Omega Supreme on offer? Is Hasbro Masterpiece Optimus Prime going for half price? Can I get an MG gunpla kit for a steal? The answer was a disappointing, flat, anti-climatic 'NO'. LOL.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You've got my vote on this one, Hasbro: Metroplex toy coming...

    Finally, FINALLY I can take my hat off to Hasbro with their recent offering of a two-feet tall Metroplex monster toy. For the uninitiated, Metroplex is a city-size Autobot from Transformers, and he is huge, and I mean HUGE! LOL. The toy doesn't even do his size justice, since making a Metroplex to scale would mean you need a garage to house this fella! Reports say the big fella will be coming out this Aug. Here're some peeks - 

Monday, February 4, 2013

8 Mobile Suits that should get the MG treatment

    As ya know fellas, Bandai has been rolling out kit after kit of 'limited edition' stuff, from expo-clear parts exclusives to HG 144 series and metallic coated versions to milk our money. Oh yeah, there's also 'animation colour version', and it seems like recently with the Unicorn series, they've gone into overdrive with extra weapons, shields etc for essentially the same MS - Banshee, Unicorn, Sinanju. Hell. There is even an MG Sinanju that seems exactly the same as Ver. Ka.'s, just with an extra bazooka. And that's considered new??? LOL. Seems like Bandai is running outta inspiration if you ask me. And if that's the case, how bout we give them some new suggestions? Here're some kits I would like to see, receive the MG treatment. Feel free to comment and add yours to the list. Kawaguchi-san, are you listening? Yoohooooo!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Trailerforce TF-01 (Powermaster/ God Ginrai) Prime

    One of my steals from a recent HK trip was this Trailerforce Optimus Prime by third-party Transformers maker Xovergen, who really hit gold with this one. If you're a TF fan, you'll know that the Powermaster Prime is the PG of ALL Primes. It's an Optimus in an Optimus - a giant armoured fortress version of Optimus Prime. In Gunpla-speak, it's basically Optimus Mobile-Armour Ver. LOL. So what's so special about this toy? Firstly it's HUGE. About PG sized. Secondly, it is highly engineered and poseable. A real treat for TF toy collectors cos original TFs are well...made for kids and not considered really posable, as long as they can transform. You'll still need the oiriginal Hasbro or Takara Tomy Classic/ Henkei Prime though, which forms the chest unit of the giant. Everything else including the head and limbs are all third-party. 

Friday, February 1, 2013


    Since I'm still riffing in and out of my TF - to - Zoids phases, here's alittle something just for the archives. I've been eyeing this giant Transformer called Omega Supreme for some time now. He's basically a gigantic Autobot space station that can transform. Imagine, something bigger than even the biggest of UC timeline warships!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hong Kong: Mission Report

    So I'm back from HK, the next-best destination after Japan in the world for modellers and toy fans, and while this isn't my first time there, I must say it was the most fruitful one, cos I managed to actually stop and take some pictures, note down details and hunt down some obscure gems and outta-da-way shops, wootwoot. Newbies, if you're thinking of heading there, don't bother hitting the shops until after 3pm, cos that's mostly when most of them open. I'm suspecting it's cos they stay open till late - 10pm or more, and also some of the owners have full-time day-jobs. Sorry if images are blurred cos for some reason, a lot of shops prohibit cameras so I had to snap off the fly (I'm guessing it's just price competition, and also the copyright issue of third-party products based on TF toys...). Otherwise, sit back, whip out your pencil and start taking notes, fellas, here's the lowdown field report -

Friday, January 4, 2013

Zoids Proto Gojulas (Giga)

    My Zoids fever has not subsided, it seems, so I chanced upon a Gojulas, one of the biggest models of Zoids out there, obviously based on the T-Rex, but paying tribute to Japan's Big Brother of all monsters, Godzilla (hence Gojulas, geddit??). Koto last year announced plans to include this one into their HMM series. The HMM line is helluva lot better lookin' than Tomy's original series, but knowing the rate at which Koto comes up with Zoids stuff, it could be anything from one to three years' wait. So when I saw this limited edition Proto Gojulas Giga version, I snapped it up, even though it wasn't Koto LOL. I think this was released almost 10 years ago. For something so old, it's designed pretty well.