Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You've got my vote on this one, Hasbro: Metroplex toy coming...

    Finally, FINALLY I can take my hat off to Hasbro with their recent offering of a two-feet tall Metroplex monster toy. For the uninitiated, Metroplex is a city-size Autobot from Transformers, and he is huge, and I mean HUGE! LOL. The toy doesn't even do his size justice, since making a Metroplex to scale would mean you need a garage to house this fella! Reports say the big fella will be coming out this Aug. Here're some peeks - 

 Vehicle mode:

 Fortress mode:
    This is a huge improvement from the original toy released more than a decade ago, I think:
 Gunpla modellers, I know most of you are going 'blah'. Well, I can never reconcile this Transformers-Gunpla divide. I have gotten the same responses from TF fans as well, who have told me not to bother with TFs and, "go play with Gundam", b'cos I have criticised the kiddy-looking, un-mecha-like form of most TF toys, and championed third-party productions. LOL. In my opinion, they both represent the same genre, just interpreted differently by two vastly un-alike cultures - Americans and Japs. But c'mon? Is the middle line really so hard to tow? Must we be either against or for only one side? I never quite understood this. Unless of course, you're protecting your wallet, since then you would have only one kinda toy to buy. Then...okay, I can't argue widdat LOL.

    Anyhoo, I've been a strong critic of Hasbro's designs till now, but I gotta give them kudos for Metroplex. It does have some impressive details, and potential for mods and paints (not to say that I'll ever have the time!). Call it snobbish, but I prefer to think of myself as someone who follows the 'song', instead of the 'singer', meaning I'd buy ANY singer's album as long as his/her song is a hit, instead of pledging undiscerning loyalty to only a singer, and buying all his/her albums, regardless of whether the music's good. Therefore, I've never really swore off Hasbro's products, even though I don't agree with most of their offerings. But if they come up with something I like, I'll get it. As a mecha-lover, I put my money on whoever produces the best-looking bot. I don't care whether you're Hasbro or third-party. Period.

    Art appreciation time! Here's some art of the Metroplex character -

Hasbro, third parties, can we see a Trypticon pleeeeease? ;D


tulispendekpendek said...

Have you seen their latest Springer and Blitzwing? I saw them in Mecha Guy blog. It's awesome too? They look almost as awesome as the third party's one. I swear I'm gonna buy those two. Well, for Metroplex, I love it too, but my wallet is on diet. Hahah

Waylander said...

Yeeah I've seen Springer and Blitzwing bro! I might have to get them too. Or maybe just Springer. My wallet isn't on diet. It's dead already LOL.

LEon said...

Go for it bro. IF takara Tomy doing this get that from them!

Waylander said...

Oooh yah! Shall wait for Takara Tomy's version. Should gimme enough buffer-time to save up LOL.

Anonymous said...

That was a nice article you posted. I am currently unable to spend as much money as I would on toys nowadays (I wish I would have stayed a kid FOREVER) but if I could I would, DEFINITIVELY because this guy is worth every Energon Cube, I mean, dollar!

As for the "Transformers/Gunpla divide", I haven't heard of it but I am not surprised. Each franchise, as you mentioned "represent the same genre, just interpreted differently", so I don't expect fans of one to enjoy the other and viseversa.

I am personally a fan of both so I guess I will be caught on a cross fire between the two factions but I don't care because I won't let stuff like that dictate how to conduct my hobbies.

I like TFs but looking back now some designs give a lot to be desired from a design/engineering point of view (but I understand is the best they could do by the time) and that is why I like some of the new reinterpretation of the characters, both officially and unofficially, whomever get them right.

To tell you more, I (TRY to) design original variable mechs and my inspiration comes from both Transformers and Gundams, as well as other mecha franchises, as long as they look cool!

Have a nice day! :)

Waylander said...

You and I are a rare breed then bro! LOL. I have yet to come across anyone besides you that can appreciate both TFs and gundams. Nice to meet ya! Do drop by when you can. :)