Friday, February 1, 2013


    Since I'm still riffing in and out of my TF - to - Zoids phases, here's alittle something just for the archives. I've been eyeing this giant Transformer called Omega Supreme for some time now. He's basically a gigantic Autobot space station that can transform. Imagine, something bigger than even the biggest of UC timeline warships!!

    Wanna see him in action? Here ya go -

     I remember the character from the cartoon, but never really had much feel for it. But as can be expected from Hasbro, the original G1 toy sucks balls:

    Credit where it's due to Hasbro though, they did improve on this version, resulting in the latest rendition which is the recently released Year of the Snake Omega:

    But of course, nothing beats the Fall of Cybertron video game version as you've seen in the clip -

     It's a no-brainer then then third-party manufacturer Planet X decided to one up Hasbro and release Genesis, basically a game-accurate monster toy of Omega Supreme, seen in their graphic rendering above. I'm digging it, even though it's not your usual heroic mecha Gundam proportions. I like the sheer bulk and power of the thing. And the box packaging ain't half bad either!

    For an idea of just how big this baby is, here's a comparison of just Omega's claw to a standard Optimus Prime action figure that's about the height of a 144 Gundam:
    Of course the only problem is at a whopping S$400 after shipping, I'm not sure if I have the wallet for something this crazy LOL. So it's on hold for the moment. That doesn't mean we can't ogle at some crazy customs, right? Imagine if we could paint Planet X's version! Wowee. For now, we only have customised renditions and fan art of older Omegas already out there. Modellers, this one's for you:

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