Sunday, November 25, 2012

Singapore GBWC 2012 Results

Okay fellas, results are finally out for S'pore. Drum roll...

    Champion modellers for other countries, your champs will be going up against THIS - Vernichten by Benjamin Wong, a hell of a juiced up Banshee that was the hot favourite from the start. 

    Second up is this monster of an O by Toymaker - Odin. It could have gone either way with this two top entries in my opinion. Just too bad it was close, but no cigar for Toymaker's masterpiece.

Last but not least in Third, another crazy build by Jaef Liang. I'm boggled by the sheer number of parts from different kits that he must have used! 

Congrats to all the winners! See y'll next year.

For more pics of these entries, check out the general coverage.


DarkWorkx said...

very deserving entries!~
Congratulations to those 3 winners!

vanz najoseki said...

oh man those builds are totally wicked!!!

BIGGER BADDER>>!!! congratz bros!