Monday, November 26, 2012

JAPAN GBWC 2012 Results

     And this wraps up the results across three countries on this very eventful Sunday - Japan's winners, ladies and gents! From the people who invented the hobby, the Land of Gunpla.

    This is the Japanese champ that will take on the rest of the world at the finals next month - Jupiterian by Katsuhiro Mukasa. A really refined take on The O, with an exquisite colour tone. Is it good enough to be the World Champ? Highly possible, I feel.

Holding runner-up is Encounter by Tatsuhiko Yamaguchi, last year's Japan GBWC winner. My money was on this one but it seems my money always ends up Second. Yikes, sorry! LOL

Last but not least, in Third is Test Flight by Yoshihisa Tamiya. Really nice, clean action piece. (Luckily Bandai didn't disqualify him due to his surname. Just kidding! LOL)

And who can forget the champ for the Junior category - Sea Gogg by Mei. Wait a minute...THIS is junior????? I think it's good enough for the Open man! LOL

For more pics of the winners and other Japanese entries, check out this post

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