Sunday, November 11, 2012

AFA 2012 (Mehhh..)

   Snuck down to the Anime Festival Asia this afternoon at the Singapore Expo for a peek. As a mecha fan, I've gotta admit it wasn't much of a turn on for me....Unless you consider girls dressed up in Cosplay a big turn on. There were plenty of those. I spotted Naruto, a Pokemon and some other characters I know nothing about.

    As you can see, I wasn't very inspired. Stopped taking photos after a while LOL. I was hoping for some rare Gundam/ FSS/ Linebarrels/ FMP DVDs at least, but sadly even those were not to be found. Remind me again, why this is an 'anime' fest please? Aren't mechas part of anime too??? I guess not so for Singapore Otakus. The only representative of mecha was the Bandai booth:

   Still, at least I got to walk around a bit and see some nice artwork by local artistes. Bought a cheap sketchbook by some guy called Kelvin Chan. Check out his page.

And oh yeah - One more week to GBWC! Woohoo.

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