Monday, November 12, 2012

GBWC 2012 Indonesia [Results and coverage]

Indonesia GBWC Champion
Photo credits: Sideout/ TeNKai and Balliga from Netmorks/ Facebook

    The results are up for GBWC 2012 Indonesia. You can check out all entries in the original forum thread here and here.

First place is the monster Kampfer dio above and in the title pic for this post. No prizes for guessing why it won - just look at the sheer visual impact of this piece! I also like the cultural touch behind. Those are Ankor Wat-looking temple towers (although Angkor Wat ain't Indonesian. Yes, I know my Geography lol).
    In Second, we have this odd Zaku, which I've had my eye on. Nice militaristic touch to it here. The design is originally by a Jap modeller, but credit to the contestant who reproduced the masterpiece.
2nd Place

And in Third is GM Revolution, a clean GM dio with three maintenance balls.

3rd Place 

    Congrats to all winners! I notice that dioramas with nicely-done title-plates to the base seem to be a favourite style here....All other entries deserve a mention as well so let's go. Get ready for the camera roll -

First up is my favourite of the whole competition (probably cos I'm into an aqua phase right now lol) - a Zgok waterfall dio. Just look at that splash effect folks. That's something I havta learn one day. Love it! Too bad it didn't place in Top 3....

As you can expect, I kinda like this one too. Like an aquarium piece!

    Lastly, I'll just point out a few favourites, apart from the Zgok waterfall dio at the beginning of this post. I'm not saying they'll win, but these are just my personal stand-outs. This fat Zaku is certainly an eye-catcher, even though the design, I hear, was originally from a Jap modeller:

    There's this unique piece that's weird but eye-catching at the same time, probably cos of its creativity.  Is that a.....Monster in sazabi armour?!!?? LOL. Ya never know. Sometimes the judges want something different.

Next up is this monster dio of a Kampfer on fours (I think!). Four-legged beasts seem to be all the rage.

    Another Kampfer worth a mention is this sleek baby. I wish there were other angle shots of it though, but from what I can see, nice clean detailing and kit-bashing of parts to make what was originally a cumbersome suit into a sleek one.

    Lastly, another unique one 'cos it's the only non-MS build I've seen. Wished I could check out other angles too. If the judges were going for oddities, this one might grab their attention.

    I'm not sure what the next one is, or if it's even part of the compy, but it seems like a PG Wing modified into some menacing black mecha. Wished I had a close up of it to see more...

    Last but not least, I've gotta give credit to the Indonesian organisers for their display concept - Spacious shelves with an all-round view, and head-to-waist level display. This makes the most sense for visitors as you don't have to strain or stoop to get a peek of an entry or a proper shot, and the lighting from the top doesn't have to stretch all the way down to the floor for bottom display pieces. As much as we care about who wins what, the display of GBWC entries should be of paramount importance since this promotes the hobby and attract visitors, which translates into - SALES. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out really. LOL. So a well thought-out layout here for Indonesia. Kudos!


nhz said...

Hey when are we going to see your creation?

Waylander said...

Yo! In a week's time, promise! ;)

wantanmee / 碗贪米 said...

Monster kampfer dio get Champion, 1st runner up the fat Zaku(brown), 2nd runner up "GM Revolution" GM with 3 ball.

information get from

Waylander said...

Thanks bro! Updated it.

LEon said...

Nice coverage!

Michael Joshua said...

That's NOT ANGKOR WAT, that's PRAMBANAN TAMPLE in central Java. ..... That's look like angkorwat since both of them are Hinduism Tample

Waylander said...

Thanks for correcting! Looks like I don't know my Geography. :P