Friday, November 9, 2012

STINGRAY MSM-07X by Samurai

    This is a belated post cos the build was from last year. I don't know why I've never got down to posting it. I think it's a 1/100 modified Zgok. Maaaan does it look sweet! Check out the modeller's blog and WIPs here. Amphibious suits are the least done in gunpla and even when they are, usually OOB or detailed up but retaining the original shape. Or else, they're done in cutesy themes, especially the Aguy. Sooooo, imagine my awe when I saw this masterpiece. I think it was one of the Top 3 entries for the 2011 Ora Zaku in Japan - the highest level of gunpla competition in the UNIVERSE, folks. Exclusive of course, only to people in Japan. Maybe someday I might be crazy enough to bring a kit there and submit LOL. Meanwhile, enjoy this build...And who knows? Perhaps my next one will be an aquatic one winkwink.

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