Friday, November 16, 2012


    Okay I'm not sure if any juniors read my blog, but I realised I didn't feature most of them in my initial GBWC 2012 coverage, so here we go! Junior work deserves to be featured as well 'cos these guys are the future of Gunpla. We can't let them fall prey to video games and girls! LOL. Okay the last one is unavoidable I guess. But on a serious note, I feel that in Singapore especially, our young are raised too fast paced and results-oriented to respect patience in a hobby like Gunpla. Most of them either never pick it up seriously, or lose interest along the way. So I hope that the boys and girls (yes there are one or two girls! Bravo) that took part in GBWC 2012 S'pore, whether or not you win, don't give up the hobby, and keep at it! Let's roll...

    I kinda like this Age FX. If you look closely in the lead pic, some dry-brushing was attempted too. Good effort and nice pose!

This one's by a girl if I remember correctly.

Real cute lol. If he sticks to the hobby, someday his river will look like a real miniature one, and his greens will have the texture of vegetation. It's all a matter of patience and hardwork.

Same for the bus stops and styrofoam buildings. As long as the idea is there, the execution will improve  with age.

Nice use of the diorama here. Probably the best diorama piece in Junior cat.

LOL build of the day...

I like the subtle shading on this one. With more work, this fella should improve his paintjob in no time. Keep it up!

That's all folks, not sure if I missed out any...If I did, feel free to point out and I can add if there are pics. Good luck to all Junior contestants!!

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chocofalcon said...

agree with you regarding the 2 kids that did the creative diorama. It might not be super fantastic but it the ideas that is coming out from their mind. haha kinda remind me when I was a kid, I did sth similar too.