Friday, November 30, 2012

15th ORAZAKU highlights

    Okay so I'm gonna make it a point to consolidate Orazaku entries every year. What's Orazaku? It's like the MOTHER of all Gunpla competitions, ladies and gents. Orazaku makes GBWC looks like child's play. And not surprisingly, Orazaku is an annual competition open only to Japanese residents. Which means you can still take part....if you live there. This event is the most prestigious of all gunpla competitions, even though some entries are of other mechas outside of the gunpla universe. The japs take this one real serious and it's usually at the Orazaku that you see the big boys come out to play. Their judging system is really transparent - all judges are officially announced and their choices published for all to see. And they've got so many participants that they can afford to divide up the competition into categories, from individual to diorama ctas. Man...someday I'm gonna bring a kit there just to submit LOL. I don't even think I'll make it to top 50. I'd be lucky if my entry were on of the many thumbnails in Hobby Mag, which features the compy every year. I'll keep updating this post as I find more winners and entries, so watch this space...

Ramba Ral's Custom 
by Deiten
    Let's start with the overall champ. Would you be impressed if I toldcha this is at 1/48 scale, converted from a Mega-size Zaku? Yep. If you go down to the details and check out this monster close-up, you'll see just how intricate the modeller has done up his details in. A really impressive piece that requires close scrutiny to really appreciate. I think the colour is also a sheer winner here. That blue just somehow jumps out at ya.


Kshatriya kit-bash (Real title unknown)
(Modeller unknown)
(GOLD, Solo category)   
    Sorry guys but this next one's taken from the magazine that I have, and the title and name of the modeller is in Japanese, so I have no idea how to translate it LOL. What I know is it's a 144 scale Kshatriya mod that has a unique look. Personally, not really to my tastes but every winner has its day!

By Masa
(SILVER, Solo category)
    I wish I could see this fella up close to determine just how big it is. It says 1:160, but that doesn't really say anything on paper. Impressive paint job. It ain't easy using that colour, especially for big MAs. You run the risk of your kit looking like a giant crab or lobster, but this guy pulled it off superb.

By Sada
(BRONZE, Solo category)
    I would think that the modeller is trying to say his kit's beyond the 'Evolve' version of the Nu Gundam in resin? Really neat details and a sleek overall clean look. I can't see enough from the photos to tell much otherwise though, but it is definitely an exquisite piece.


By Nagai
(GOLD, Love category)
    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this 'Love' category is actually kinda like a freestyle segment, meaning you can do anything you want with your kit. This one's a really unique take on a seemingly non-combat MS. I think it won based on the strength of its colour. It's not easy to pull of that construction yellow.

(SILVER, Love category)
One HELLUVA weird Acguy *(My own translation LOL)
(BRONZE, Love category)
By Wang Zhang Wu (China)
(GOLD, Diorama category)


     巨兵Sleeping in Dark Green 
(SILVER, Diorama category)
an exquisite piece from Mirano, which really sets the mood with just a meticulously weathered and damaged Zaku head among shrubbery, and a kid playing alongside. I seriously have to pick up some natural diorama skills. 

(BRONZE, Diorama category)


----JUNIOR (Under 15) CATEGORY----
(CHAMP, Junior category)

The following slew of works will be by non-winners who have caught my eye (and whose pics are available online). I think there are so many quality entries in Japan that really, a Top Three ranking just isn't enough to showcase the abundant talent on show. So here we go. I will add more entries as I find them. 

I've never liked this series (too campy) but I simply love the proportions of this one. Although the paint job looks kidna rough and the thing feels more like a Gashapon figure than a model kit, I really dig what the modeller has done with the proportions of the figure. Looks like a /144 torso on /100 legs. Looks like the modded parts are resin though. Whatever the case, this is a great proportion to follow for hero suits.


Cannon Murasai Ground Type by pbqjh776
This was an entry for the Murasai Category (Yes they have a separate category just for Murasais). Love the gritty and ground-type feel he gave to the model. 


^^DJ KC^^ said...

Ohh gosh... It's really great!!! Haha:) Their work is like an art piece.

LEon said...

Personally I love the sleeping in Dark Green. Really love the details and how realistic it look of how the crack the glass and the density of the trees

tulispendekpendek said...

The Kshatriya kitbash look like Quenn Mansa. My favourite is "Sleeping in dark green". It really looks life-like!

gdx9902 said...

Holy Jebus, that diorama, 40 years after the 1 year war. That is impressive.
From what I understand, to do color to monochromatic and making a diorama to look like a blended photo of past and present, is nothing short of Amazing!!