Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Afterthoughts Part II (The ugly version)

    Okay fellas, I was nice about everything up till now. But after reading Toymaker's post on his feelings about the shoddy prize presentation and how this year's GBWC was handled in Singapore, I can't help but agree with him. Still, I didn't think I need to repeat what someone has already aired, so I resisted posting my own views about the organisation of GBWC 2012 Singapore in Afterthoughts. NOW though, this is the last straw that broke this camel's back. I HAVE to say something and it's gonna get ugly...

    It appears that I have been awarded a 'fake' Third Place. LOL. WTF Bandai? You can't even get your rankings right? This error on their FB page has been up all night. And this strange photo of my kit was from an equally strange photo-booth session (all our kits underwent mug shots in a specially set-up photo booth - front, side and back - on submission day before they were put up on display.....No other countries had this. Can someone figure out what it was for? I have no friggin' idea.)

    Back to the sloppy typo in ranking. First of all, it's a big disservice to the Third Place winner. You're not hearing from him only cos Jaef Liang doesn't really use Facebook much, so I doubt he has seen it yet. But c'mon guys. It's a simple job. Can't you even get THIS right? Secondly, it's a joke to me. Now I have people congratulating me on my 'Third' place finish or a TIE, thereupon I have to explain the correct ranking to them on Bandai's behalf. Insult to injury, much?

    I am VERY tempted to go on about other stuff but I shall stop here lest I start looking like a sore loser LOL. All I've gotta say is - Clean up your act Bandai. We put in a lot of work for our entries, and whether we win anything or not, every work is a masterpiece to its modeller, and helps draw crowds to your events. The least you can do is show us, YOUR customers, some respect. 


Selendrith Tiras said...

Isit it very obvious that this year judging is base on photos?

Rem what that guy ask when you submit your kit to let him take the photos?

He ask the same questions for every contestant.

Next year might as well dont waste everybody's time of submitting and collecting their kit.

Waylander said...

Wow bro if this year's judging was from photos, it is a big slap to the face for us Singaporean modellers. After the all the effort we put in, they reduce works of art down to three mug shots???? This is ridiculous LOL. Obviously, they are not taking us seriously.

Toymaker said...

Oh is that so? Might as well inform us. So I don't have to lug the whole damn thing down for display. I been taken for a ride if this is true. Looks like GBWC is worth nothing afterall.

Waylander said...

Trying very hard here not to blow my top or post something else nasty LOL. Wow photo-judging....So I got judged based on this crap shot??? Bravo Bandai. Bravo.