Tuesday, November 20, 2012

GBWC S'pore 2012 Coverage

Photo credit: Terence Tan

    Here's what you've been waiting for, folks! Coverage of the Singapore GBWC 2012, which kickstarted today. This year's event is held at the usual spot as last year's - Compasspoint. There were quite a number of kits, with at least four to five BIG HITTERS. Yep, the big boys have come out to play. Let's start -

 It's a pity this Zeta doesn't have a dio, cos I actually like the subtle mods on this one. 

A real pity the base with those little people are obscured by the name tag LOL. I only noticed it the third time I saw this kit.

This Blue Musha-duel gundam is easy to miss cos of all the other big dios and entries, but a second go-round at the site got me noticing. It's actually a pretty unique piece with intricate mods. Well done!

Next up, this really interesting piece. I think the base kit is a Kamfer, and it's transformable. Wooaah. Are those polka dots??? Hmmm lol.

Nice trio display piece for the seed series.

 Another interesting piece is this Sinanju with the laser burn effect. There's an LED light in there to give it the glow. Good use of the cotton to simulate smoke. Something that I've never seen explored here. Nice touch!

One of the few Zgoks. C'mon I wanna see more Aqua suits! LOL.

Colour scheme kindaaaa familiar winkwink :P

Another favourite scene dio of mine. Really like the battle-torn, dirty feel of the whole piece.

Mirror mirror on the wall...

The next one is also one of my favourites - a city battle dio btw RX, Zaku and a downed GM. Intricately done street scene.

Winner of GBWC Best Comedy award. Awarded by...me. LOL

And of course yours truly. Maaaan I had a hard time bringing it down thanks to the rain - no shelter from my doorstep to the car. Had to cover the kits with plastic sheets and walk in the rain. lol:

    Ok, we're in big-hitter territory now - Here's massive MASSIVE build - A Gouf dio complete with ship hangar and blinking LEDs wow.

Are you ready guys, for the final two builds which in my opinion, are a lock for the Top 2 places? Depending on how the judges feel, it could go either way with this two. I think our champ will be from this pair. First up:

A Banshee FA. I'm cross-eyed just looking at the details here LOL.

Last but not least, - Toymaker's Odin. Need I say more?

        What are your views and speculations? Feel free to share! On the whole, I think Singapore made a splash this year on the combined strengths of all the mega builds and others. Well done, one and all.

    Hope y'all had fun viewing. Results out in a week! Gentlemen, place your bets.

    Oh and for locals, here's a GBWC contest for you to take part in! From Open the Toy. Best of luck!


chocofalcon said...

nice to see you guys again... good luck. :)

Waylander said...

Pleasure bro. See ya around, esp at HAG :)

tulispendekpendek said...

Where's yours?

Including yours, we got two monster Banshee.

tulispendekpendek said...

Oh, Morrigan is there. My bad!

Waylander said...

Haha yeah added it later. Might as well join the party. :P