Friday, February 15, 2013

Toy clearance sales, scalpers, sellers and Michael Jordan

    So I went down to Toys' R Us at Suntec two days ago, 'cos they're having a clearance sale this week. I was kinda excited about some dirt cheap finds I might encounter, since they're declaring up to 60% off on items. Everything has to GOGOGO!! My wallet was quivering with anticipation. Will I find a platinum Year of the Snake Omega Supreme on offer? Is Hasbro Masterpiece Optimus Prime going for half price? Can I get an MG gunpla kit for a steal? The answer was a disappointing, flat, anti-climatic 'NO'. LOL.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You've got my vote on this one, Hasbro: Metroplex toy coming...

    Finally, FINALLY I can take my hat off to Hasbro with their recent offering of a two-feet tall Metroplex monster toy. For the uninitiated, Metroplex is a city-size Autobot from Transformers, and he is huge, and I mean HUGE! LOL. The toy doesn't even do his size justice, since making a Metroplex to scale would mean you need a garage to house this fella! Reports say the big fella will be coming out this Aug. Here're some peeks - 

Monday, February 4, 2013

8 Mobile Suits that should get the MG treatment

    As ya know fellas, Bandai has been rolling out kit after kit of 'limited edition' stuff, from expo-clear parts exclusives to HG 144 series and metallic coated versions to milk our money. Oh yeah, there's also 'animation colour version', and it seems like recently with the Unicorn series, they've gone into overdrive with extra weapons, shields etc for essentially the same MS - Banshee, Unicorn, Sinanju. Hell. There is even an MG Sinanju that seems exactly the same as Ver. Ka.'s, just with an extra bazooka. And that's considered new??? LOL. Seems like Bandai is running outta inspiration if you ask me. And if that's the case, how bout we give them some new suggestions? Here're some kits I would like to see, receive the MG treatment. Feel free to comment and add yours to the list. Kawaguchi-san, are you listening? Yoohooooo!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Trailerforce TF-01 (Powermaster/ God Ginrai) Prime

    One of my steals from a recent HK trip was this Trailerforce Optimus Prime by third-party Transformers maker Xovergen, who really hit gold with this one. If you're a TF fan, you'll know that the Powermaster Prime is the PG of ALL Primes. It's an Optimus in an Optimus - a giant armoured fortress version of Optimus Prime. In Gunpla-speak, it's basically Optimus Mobile-Armour Ver. LOL. So what's so special about this toy? Firstly it's HUGE. About PG sized. Secondly, it is highly engineered and poseable. A real treat for TF toy collectors cos original TFs are well...made for kids and not considered really posable, as long as they can transform. You'll still need the oiriginal Hasbro or Takara Tomy Classic/ Henkei Prime though, which forms the chest unit of the giant. Everything else including the head and limbs are all third-party. 

Friday, February 1, 2013


    Since I'm still riffing in and out of my TF - to - Zoids phases, here's alittle something just for the archives. I've been eyeing this giant Transformer called Omega Supreme for some time now. He's basically a gigantic Autobot space station that can transform. Imagine, something bigger than even the biggest of UC timeline warships!!