Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gundam Age Ep 14 Review: EPIC!!!

    Back to Gundam!! So I caught Ep14 and I gotta say, it's the best one so far. This beats all the other eps by a stretch, if ya ask me. Now FINALLY...we're getting somewhere! Let's do away with all the kiddy stuff and get down to some dirty fighting and dark emotions, why not? Call me strange but tormented heroes with a really dark side get to me. 

    So in this ep, something finally snaps in Flit when he realises that psycho kiddo Desil's with the UE, and he witnesses his girlfriend Yurin (still can't get past that name!) get killed in action while trying to save him. Tough shit. I think Flit comes of age the hard way in this ep.

    Yurin saves Flit's ass by sacrificing herself in the line of fire just as Desil delivers what could have been the death blow....

    Maybe I'm a sadist but maaaan I luuurve that ANGER. Now THAT'S what Gundam pilots should be like! No more goody-two-shoes wide-eyed boy is our Flit. It takes getting his girl killed to turn him into a MAN, poor bugger... Point to note - the doomed UE mobile suit that Yurin goes out in, the Farsia:
    Pink's not really my colour for an MS, but this one's a female pilot so what the heck, rite? It's also the first time we see fin funnel-like weapons utilised in Age.

Flowery fin funnels?!?! They probably got their inspiration for the entire Farsia get-up from Chinese deities.

    This ain't the first time someone dies in the series, but it's by far the most elaborate and emo death. It does tug at our heart-strings, I'll admit. I mean, we all know someone's gonna kick the bucket this ep since the title was "Flash of Sorrow", and the moment we saw poor Yurin being forced into the Farsia so Desil can use her X-Rounder (Innovator?) abilities to power the suit, we knew she was a goner.

Some REAL fighting at last!! Flit goes berserk on Desil for killing his girl. And the Age Sparrow goes all EXIA on his enemy, TRANS-AM not needed. Awesome sequence!

    After dispatching Desil (of course we wished that Flit would have finished him off, but for the sake of the storyline and dramatic effect, psycho kid gets spared), the Gundam switches mode (is it no wonder then, that there are no other Gundams in this series????)....

    I think we might have caught our last glimpse of the Age Titus here as Flit nonchalantly uses the brute form of his Gundam to power into Ambat's bowels, smashing everything in its path and forcing open an entrance for the Diva to dock. BOOM the sheer power needed to hold open those doors busts up Titus's armour:

    Towards the end, as Diva finally penetrates the UE fortress, we catch a glimpse of the ultimate UE suit, the Defurse, being deployed. I'm excited to see what this bad boy can do.

    Final verdict? This ep opens up the series to a host of potential, in my opinion. Finally, Flit is 'awakened' by the death of Yurin. As he docks with the Diva, we see that he's become silent, baleful and sinister. No more happy innocent kid....Can anyone say Setsuna? Also, more crazy suits are being introduced to up the ante. (Since Woolf's G-Exes there hasn't really been anything note-worthy for Gunpla lovin'.) I'm still not as hooked as I was for the other series such as Seed or 00, but I must say my interest has finally been piqued for Age. Everything thus far has been mediocre, but this looks like we've finally got a game going....

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