Thursday, January 26, 2012

BATMAN (by Play Arts, Arkham Asylum ver.)

    As y'all know, I'm not particularly a fan of action figures. I'm more of a mecha kinda guy. But once in a while, someone makes a really well-designed and sculpted figure of a Superhero that I simply cannot resist. Hot Toys did it with Capt America. And now, Play Arts Kai, with their version of Batman from the video game Arkham Asylum. If ya ask me, it's without doubt the most kick-ass and proportionately pleasing Batman action figure out there. Beats even the Hot Toys movie version hands down. That's cos I think Play Arts adpated the video game proportions, which are more Manga/ comic book-like. And THAT'S the way I like it. I'm getting this baby for sure. Here are some publicity pics:

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