Saturday, January 28, 2012

DMK Bumblebee kitbash WIP 5

    Back to the Bee WIPs! So I've given all the bits their base metallic coats. And I tried playing around with some colour shades and patterns for the arm blades. I'm pretty satisfied with the results! Nothing much here to show you at this stage cos all the pieces are separated for painting. But here's what I got...

    The internals have all been given their primary silver coats. I played around with some toning so the inner-most bits are a darker shade of silver while the outer bits are the bling-est.

    Crotch piece. The plates on either side will be coated with another colour of clear yellow to give it Bee's overall metallic yellow look.

    My favourite bit of the whole project - the chest-plate. Metallic yellow, if you've ever tried applying it, is a tricky colour to work with. For starters, there isn't a ready-mixed metallic yellow from the Gaia series of paints that I use. So I whack on a base coat of silver first, and then topcoat it with clear yellow to achieve the effect. The problem with clear yellow for Gaia is that it tends towards a greenish hue, especially if your base silver is dark, or there's black seeping through. So I sprayed on a fine mist of clear orange to kinda bring out the yellow a tad.

     And below, my proudest piece so far, the arm blades for Bee's killer version! Quite a load of masking was required to get the various tones as this is one piece glued together. That little bit of blade pattern in fluoro pink was just a gimmick I thought of to enhance the blade. It's hand-painted acrylic etched onto scribed panel-lines. Some more cleaning up is needed as the edges are still not as fine as I would like 'em..

Till the next one!

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