Monday, January 16, 2012


    Okay this blog is in danger of becoming a Transformers blog if I don't get back to Gundams soon, but bear with me, Gundam purists, 'cos it's mostly TFs now into Feb as I'm caught up on my Bumblebee WIP and surfing TF porn for inspiration! To me, Gundams and TFs are interchangeable. Both are mechas after all aren't they? And I think Gunpla skills come in handy when modding TF toys, and TF designs serve as inspiration for Gunpla. Which brings me to my next point. Between Gundams and what not, what's my next fav Transformer mod after Bee? Forget perennial favs Prime and Megatron! First on my list is the iconic Grimlock, leader of the Dinobots. Just look at the bulk and power oozing out of that frame!! It's already giving me some ideas for future heavy-duty armoured Gundams. LOL.

   To show you how versatile the form of Grimlock is, check out some dino-porn:

Cybertron Grimlock. No T-Rex here. Just a badass cyber-tank...Love the rendition man! Heavy-set, yet sleek.
Tank mode 2:

BADASS or what?!?!? One of my absolute fav pics. Just look at those freakish proportions. Woot!

A different Dino form..


Classic G1 design..

Random sketches...


War For Cybertron artwork...

Fan art based on the movie style TFs. Not my cup of tea, but nice alternative feel...

Other Dinobots!

WFC Grimlock T-Rex mode screencaps.

Robot mode!!! That is one kickass sword and shield system.

Yeah baby!


tulispendekpendek said...

The movie-style Grimlock looks like Zoids. Maybe they can include Dinobots in the movie, make Zoids toys as alternate form? Hahaha

Waylander said...

They should totally have Dinobots bro. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Are you talking about the new movie don't sweat fellow dinobot lovers they are in the new movie and I saw a photo of Grimlock he looks more awesome than the first ever grimlock back in the 80's.