Monday, January 9, 2012

Gundm Age episode 13: Review

Credit to Gundam Guy for the pics.
    It's been a week without any updates 'cos work was keeping me busy. But I'm back and just caught Gundam Age Ep 13. This is the most epic one for the series so far sooo...let's talk about it! Long story short, our hero Flit and friends have found the enemy's HQ - the space fortress Ambat.

    A number of revelations are presented in this ep. Firstly, Diva transforms, thanks to the Age system which has designed a battle mode for it. But surprise surprise, what does the newly morphed Diva looks like? Make a guess....LOL

    My favourite scene is of course when the Age Sparrow goes all Ninja on a gang of UEs. This scene is very Matrix, with Flit surrounded by the enemy and fighting his way out of an orgy of foes. There's a neat hero shot of the Sparrow here that's poster-quality material, but I do wished they'd spend more effort working on the fight scene though...I kinda felt a bit let down by it. A close combat hack-and-slash type Gundam should be granted Exia-scale fight scenes and moves, but Flit dispatches his opponents in pretty quick fashion and then we're on to the next scene. I duno...

    And then what's probably the delivery of the big reveal for this entire series so far. The STAR CANNON (or at least that's what I believe it's called)!!! Another upgrade to Diva courtesy of the Age system. Basically a ginormous anti-ship beam that exterminates anything in its path. BOOM. Awesome fireworks. 

    Joining the party at the eleventh hour and just in time is Old Man Mardona's fleet of greenies and his own custom big-ass cannon that looks like a giant Pilot pen. LOL. Yes, it's BFGs galore in this episode. 

    The ep ends on a sinister note and we know more is to come for sure from the UE, now obviously known to be human. They did a pretty good job with that creepy kid that Flit met in a previous episode. Evil kids always creep me out man. They remind me of Hollywood horror doll Chucky. LOL. As we're left quivering with anticipation for ep 14, I catch sight of another UE-type suit that sent my fingers into a modding itch. I think it belongs to Creepy Kid. Hope to see it in action soon...And Bandai had better come up with an MG for this!

    So to cap it up, what to make of ep 13? Well it's good the series is gaining momentum. We get the feeling things are coming to a head and battles of epic proportions are coming our way. Personally though for me, the whole feel of the series is still too safe and kiddy-like. Granted, it IS a series targeted at kids, so we can't expect anything too dark like 00 or even Seed/ Wing. But I'm not totally impressed yet with the battle scenes, especially after seeing the type of animation Sunrise is capable of in the Unicorn series. I guess we're talking about two different levels of production budget and styles here, but I'm still left wanting for Age. I still think it can be better. So let's hope the series picks up, Flit grows up and the Gundams get more kick-ass!

    On a related note...(Related cos my DMK Bumblebee mod was actually inspired by the sleek slasher style of the Age Sparrow)'s a WIP of the build thus far. Er...Obviously I could be working faster on it but hey at least the basic form's out. lol. 

Till next time...

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