Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gundam Age ep 16 review

     You could call this the first ep of the second chapter in the series. We're now in Age 2 of course, and Flit and Emily are married with a son - Asemu, who shows the same talent for piloting a Gundam, much like his father. Nothing much happens in this ep, except to introduce new characters and grown up or aged ones, but there are a few things worth talking about:

Monday, January 30, 2012

DMK Bumblebee kitbash WIP 6

    Almost there!! I've got the inner frame and the lower torso settled. Now it's just the chest and shoulder armour to finish off the look. I kinda like the sans armour-look though, so I whipped out the cam for a coupla pics! Enjoy..


Got the lower torso of Killer Bee kitbash done up. So far so good! ;D

Saturday, January 28, 2012

DMK Bumblebee kitbash WIP 5

    Back to the Bee WIPs! So I've given all the bits their base metallic coats. And I tried playing around with some colour shades and patterns for the arm blades. I'm pretty satisfied with the results! Nothing much here to show you at this stage cos all the pieces are separated for painting. But here's what I got...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

GUNDAM AGE 1 by Keita

    Back on track for some Gunpla love, may I present to all of you guys who haven't seen it yet, Jap maestro Keita's version of the Age Gundam. Bear in mind that this is before the MG has even been released! It's a 144. Sweet piece of work by Keita in his signature, subtle style as usual. Keita doesn't morph his kits too drastically, but rather, uses really meticulous detailing here and there, with some clever proportions to make the whole deal sleeker, more complex, and sexy.

BATMAN (by Play Arts, Arkham Asylum ver.)

    As y'all know, I'm not particularly a fan of action figures. I'm more of a mecha kinda guy. But once in a while, someone makes a really well-designed and sculpted figure of a Superhero that I simply cannot resist. Hot Toys did it with Capt America. And now, Play Arts Kai, with their version of Batman from the video game Arkham Asylum. If ya ask me, it's without doubt the most kick-ass and proportionately pleasing Batman action figure out there. Beats even the Hot Toys movie version hands down. That's cos I think Play Arts adpated the video game proportions, which are more Manga/ comic book-like. And THAT'S the way I like it. I'm getting this baby for sure. Here are some publicity pics:

Sunday, January 22, 2012

DEFENSOR by Dez Destron Customs

    This one, I have to share with you guys! It's a custom G1 Defensor by Dez Destron Customs that in my opinion, is the absolute best-looking version of this monster out there. I dare say it's even better than FrenzyRumble's. But Dez had an edge since as he mentions in his forum post, he doesn't need his customs to transform. They're more about lookin' shit good, so posability and aesthetics are the crux of the day. Get this - a WHOPPING 20 TF toys were used and spliced into this behemoth, but man I luuuurve it! You can see more of his works here. Meanwhile, I'll leave you, especially TF fans, to drool...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gundam Age Ep 14 Review: EPIC!!!

    Back to Gundam!! So I caught Ep14 and I gotta say, it's the best one so far. This beats all the other eps by a stretch, if ya ask me. Now FINALLY...we're getting somewhere! Let's do away with all the kiddy stuff and get down to some dirty fighting and dark emotions, why not? Call me strange but tormented heroes with a really dark side get to me. 

Monday, January 16, 2012


    Okay this blog is in danger of becoming a Transformers blog if I don't get back to Gundams soon, but bear with me, Gundam purists, 'cos it's mostly TFs now into Feb as I'm caught up on my Bumblebee WIP and surfing TF porn for inspiration! To me, Gundams and TFs are interchangeable. Both are mechas after all aren't they? And I think Gunpla skills come in handy when modding TF toys, and TF designs serve as inspiration for Gunpla. Which brings me to my next point. Between Gundams and what not, what's my next fav Transformer mod after Bee? Forget perennial favs Prime and Megatron! First on my list is the iconic Grimlock, leader of the Dinobots. Just look at the bulk and power oozing out of that frame!! It's already giving me some ideas for future heavy-duty armoured Gundams. LOL.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

DMK Bumblebee Evolved WIP 4

    So I finally got down to working on the Bumblebee WIPs again. This is more or less the final form of Bee, in sinewy armour but with the original G1 face. I call him the Bumblebee Death-strike mode. LOL. No more rolly-polly boxy Bee as we see in the cartoons, or cutesy gutsy Robo-Bee from the movie. This is how I would like Bee to look if I designed him - a lean, mean mini fighting machine!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Gundm Age episode 13: Review

Credit to Gundam Guy for the pics.
    It's been a week without any updates 'cos work was keeping me busy. But I'm back and just caught Gundam Age Ep 13. This is the most epic one for the series so far sooo...let's talk about it! Long story short, our hero Flit and friends have found the enemy's HQ - the space fortress Ambat.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

DMK Bumblebee WIP 3

    Here's an update on the Bee kit I've been kit-bashing and modding. We're down to the limbs! Well...at least one side of it. I figured it saves a lot more time to work on one side of the kit first to get a general feel of the form, and then once that's settled, just replicate it on the other side. As you can see, I'm keeping the sinewy armoured look of the movie Bee, but splicing it with a G1 feel and taking away the robotic-ness of the movie design.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

DMK Bumblebee WIP 2

 Happy New Year folks!!!! So following up closely from my previous post last year (which is only a coupla hours ago, lol) I've fitted some kitbashed parts from the WFC Bee onto the inner frame and armoured bits of DMK movie Bee. I think I'm starting to get a better idea of the proportions and posture. As you can see, I want this fella to be HEROIC. He's Bumblebee, stinging lighting-quick hornet, with close combat capabilities no Decepticon would wanna mess with! Not Bumblebee, bumbling cute little honey bee. LOL.