Sunday, June 16, 2013

NECA 1/4 IRON MAN review

    I told myself I wouldn't buy this fella. And then three days later I bought him LOL. So much for self restraint. So here it is folks, the Neca 1/4 Iron Man. For the uninitiated, 1/4 is HUGE, at about 18 inches. If you're standing next to it on the floor, it'll probably be almost up to your knee. Why did I need such a behemoth? I dunno man....probably because it's cheap for that size - slightly over $200 - and it's posable, lights up, and comes with a not-too-bad paint job and decent details. I dig the red metallic sheen. I also like the proportion of it. This may be hearsay to some toy collectors but I fint Hot Toy's figures sometimes a bit stocky or chunky. Even Playarts can get that way. But as you'll see later, this Iron Man is pretty slender, yet with enough bulk to give it some sense of power. And did I mention it lights up? LOL

    Let's be brutally honest here - it's great looking but not exactly very functional. Because it comes with no stand, and at this size and heft, the whole thing topples easily. Sheez, getting this guy to stand upright long enough for a shot was a big pain in the ass.

What are the tricks he can do? Well at that price for something this size, don't expect much. But hey at least the flaps on his back armour can flip up.

And surprise surprise there are details on the internals too!

Let's check out the close-ups:

The head and face are well-sculpted, although the glitter-gold paint leaves a lot to be desired. I would prefer a warmer, smoother shade. Perhaps I'll touch it up when thee's time...hmmm.

The chest piece is my favourite part. Like the curved sleek shape of it, and the arc reactor in the centre has a realistic lens texture cos well, it IS a lens.

A double-jointed torso let's the upper body rotate while the waist can also swivel. Nice touch there. I'm not too sure about the paint quality on the crotch though. While the rest of the figure is made of a hard PVC-like material, the crotch feels more....rubbery. And from experience the paint on such surfaces usually fades after a year or two...

A double-jointed thigh-knee joint ensures MG-like articulation for the legs.

As expected, posability is limited, especially if you have no support structure...

Is that light on the hand repulsor units? Hell yeah. They are kinda dim, but it's a nice effect nevertheless. Let's see what else lights up - 



And the whole she-bang

Where are the switches? Satisfactorily hidden on the back, and not very conspicuous thank goodness!


The only accessories are an extra pair of clenched fists. No light-ups for these.

In case you still have no idea how this measures up, here's Iron Man next to a MEGA-size Age:

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C.Jin said...

I definitely wouldn't feel safe putting something this enormous somewhere high when it has no stand...