Friday, June 21, 2013

Valvrave 3 Review

    So I've moved on into a Valvrave phase. What's that you ask? I'm not too sure either...I just finished watching the only the first episode LOL. It's from Sunrise Studios, the guys behind the Gundam franchise, and it's a new series so the verdict on it hasn't been fully passed. From the anime though, it seems promising, if not entirely original - school boy meets mecha, school boy pilots mecha, school boy becomes master mecha pilot. Sounds familiar? Heh. Anyway we're more concerned about the model kit. Bandai has manufactured an NG 1/144 series for VR. I missed the first suit, which is red and the protananist of the story, but maaaan when I saw this one, I had to get me one. Those giant claws are making me salivate LOL.

    So what's unique about VR? Well I kinda like those green glowy streaks although it gives the mecha a 'bunny' look. It's a trademark of the design, much like the Gundam V-fin. Overall, there is a lot more detail in this kit for an NG 144 than compared to Gunpla. It's also pretty big, about the size of the MG Ver Ka. Wings. And I'm totally diggin' those shoulder cannons, although I do wish they were a tad bigger. 

The sexiest bit of this kit are of course those oversized claws, that can fold and unfold.

Here's my absolute FAVOURITE bit of the VR design - these layered looks on the backside of the thighs. I can see this look incorporated anywhere for complexity on any kit. Love it.

Clear parts highlight heel backs and the hands, although I have no idea if they serve any special function in the show. 

Are there other accessories? Hell yeah, a clear sword to wield in case your VR gets tired of his giant-ass claws LOL. Why is the sword clear? Beats me man. But when I get down to painting this baby I am definitely gonna be painting that sword either metallic or some fluoro colour.

Another trademark of the VR series - these spark-like trails that attached to the feet, giving your mecha a feel of movement and action, as though it's streaking. I have a good mind to turn it into a SWORD though. I expect others will too.

More clear bits, some of which I don't even have any idea where they fit, since there are no instructions about them in the manual. Extra parts for compatible kits I supposed?

And there you have it folks. The joints and articulation are pretty basic with your standard polycaps. But I am indeed surprised at the details they put into this kit. For an NG 144, it's impressive. As a little diversion from Gunpla's humanoid form, it's refreshing. The only gripe I have is that they should have had a better box art. The box art for VRs are done by the same artist for the SD gunpla series, which makes it look more like a drawing than design. Cmon man, VR deserves better than that! 


Yapster said...

Excellent looking kit. VR design - these layered looks on the backside of the thighs = Turn A Gundam, no?

Deefunx said...

May I ask where you bought it from? I'm new to model kits and want to get a good price. Thanks.