Saturday, January 14, 2012

DMK Bumblebee Evolved WIP 4

    So I finally got down to working on the Bumblebee WIPs again. This is more or less the final form of Bee, in sinewy armour but with the original G1 face. I call him the Bumblebee Death-strike mode. LOL. No more rolly-polly boxy Bee as we see in the cartoons, or cutesy gutsy Robo-Bee from the movie. This is how I would like Bee to look if I designed him - a lean, mean mini fighting machine!

    Most of the parts have been modded and secured. The only loose-fitting bits are the wheels at his feet, which need to be painted first before they can be installed, to save me some grief from masking.

The heavy shoulder feel gives it more of a 'Hero' look.

Arm blades from TF Prime's Arcee toy. Sanded down to look sharper and more menacing, of course. 

Final mods to the feet, and a little primer to get a feel of what it looks like. They now have a more stream-lined, pointed look, much like Gundams. Away with the tripod-toed robo-feet from the movie.

The number plate on the crotch will be sanded down and painted over. This version of Bee is more of a Cybertronian fit. On Cybertron they don't need number plates for cars. LOL. I switched the twin plates on either side of the crotch piece with a cut-to-shape curved bit of armour from the WFC toy. I think this crotch look suits it more.

Hands from the WFC toy....They are ball-jointed so they move around a bit, but no articulation of course, in the fingers. I would use Gundam or Koto hands if I could but as this is a Hasbro commish for an event, I'm afraid I'm only allowed to use parts from Hasbro/ Takara-Tomy toys. Figures.

The centre-piece of his armoured form - the chest plate! Somewhere in there I'm gonna fit an Autobot insignia decal...

Twin windows flaring out from his back gives it a winged, stream-lined look. I got these from the WFC toy as well. It's basically a case of just re-arranging the kit-bashed parts.

Fret not! The back looks kinda bare at the moment cos there're other bits of internal frame and armour I haven't fitted on.

What do you do when you don't intend to prime your entire piece? Digital prime it! LOL. Rendered in black and white to get a rough feel of how Bee's gonna look when his paint-job's uniform. I like it. Oh and I'm not priming cos I'll be going for metallics on this, and I usually start with a gloss black base instead of primer for a smoother effect and less layers. But that's just me...

    That's about it guys! You can see the rough size comparison. It's true to the original scale, even when compared to the Masterpiece Optimus Prime by Takara-Tomy. That's roughly how Bee measures up to his supreme commander. But with those blades and the new look, I reckon he'd be able to take down more than his fair share of Decepticons. LOL.

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