Saturday, April 28, 2012


    This was an entry taken at some hobby convention in HK (I think it was last year or 08...can't remember.) I chanced upon it while surfing the Net for some mecha porn last night. Sadly folks, I'm unable to find any other pics of this baby. If anyone has a lead, please lemme know? In case it hasn't already dawned upon you, this is a T-Rex done up in Zaku parts and all kinds of internals. HOLY SHIT. Yeah, impressive stuff huh? I wonder why it didn't win anything. This one gets full marks for creativity and skill level in my books. So with only one miserable pic to ogle at, this is all I have to post...sorry fellas lol!

    On a different note, promised one of my friends in the Philippines that I'd blog about a new forum they've set up - Mecha Lounge. Go check it out. Love the funny banner!

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