Sunday, April 8, 2012

Age-1 Mega Size [Weathered]

    Aaaand it's a wrap guys! I've completed every part in the 1/48 mega size Age-1. Finally! My first full gunpla build for 2012. Whew! This baby was a monster to paint, even OOB, cos of the sheer amount of surface area. This was just a pet project and leisure build to get me into the groove of the Age series. I must say the Age 1 truly grows on you, much like the RX. 

I wanted to experiment with realism here, and hence the weathering and rust. It's my first time attempting the technique, so hopefully, I'll improve. Three weathering techniques used - Dry-brushing edges with silver, adding 'paint chips' with a fine point brush with black paint, and finally a dusty rub-down with a Tamiya weathering kit. 

Weapons and shield completed a day later!

    I decided to give the beam sabres a coat of neon red on silver. I don't know why they turned out pink though, but I guess that's actually the correct colour so it worked out. LOL. Misted on a bit of white at the base to give it the illusion of glowing heat:

     In case you want a rough idea of scale, here's how it measures up against the PG 00.



zeon711 said...

Very nice work dude! It looks awesome overall. I particularly like your work on the white parts, I think it was done quite realistically. However, when the parts were all put together,it raised a question. Don't mind me saying this. In reality, all armors are metal and the paint jobs should all aged, chiped and rusted in the same way. Your white armors show mostly black chips/rusting and the color armors show mostly silver. It makes me wonder if you added more black chips and rusting on your color parts and a touch more silver on the white parts, your kits would look even better.

Waylander said...

Thanks for the observation bro. Yes indeed, I chipped the whites with black more. Reason being that black is more obvious on white, and not as noticeable on the colours. I found that silver works better for the colours, so that's why I went with it, but thanks for the suggestion. :)

Juliuslim said...

Excellent weathered!
Love it !! :)

Waylander said...

Yo thanks man! Gd luck with your sinanju. Looking forward to it! :)

cosmas said...

Hey finally u post ur completed builds on modeler g! Awesome job with the weathering!

Waylander said...

Yeah thanks! I only just figured out how to post cos of the translation problems. Can't figure why some of my pics on modeler g are overturned though...Probably some format problem. :P

Daffi Noorzilan said...

Hi, I am also working on the Age-1 and really love what you've done to yours. Question though, do you apply the water decals last and then spray a final coat over?

Waylander said...

Thanks mate. I applied the decals on before the actual weathering is done. So paint, then decals and seal with gloss coat, then I do the weathering.

bonesrockin said...

So in order to get, more or less, this look would this be the correct order to go in?
Primer, pre-shade, paint, decal, top coat, and then battle damage?

Or was it all in that order, but top coat last instead..? (^^;;

Waylander said...

Sorry @bonesrockin...I didnt see your comment. I sppose you already completed your Mega Age. Hope you got the look you wanted! :) The order is more of less the correct, except that you need to top coat with gloss after painting, and before decals.