Sunday, April 15, 2012


    Finally managed to graft the Launcher Strike parts onto the Age. I wanted the Age to still be able to stand alone without the weapon system, so I didn't want to glue any parts on post-painting. What I did was to go with magnets for the shoulder, and to simply graft the entire back of the MG Strike onto the Age, so that the backpack for the LS system can just be inserted snugly. (No, there's no need to mourn the loss of the Strike for me LOL...I had one that I did over four years ago when I wasn't into this hobby...and naturally errr the worksmanship on that is might as well sacrifice...Heh.)

As you can see, the MG Age-1 holds up a BFG pretty damn well, thanks to it's articulated joints. This is testament to the great engineering on this kit by Bandai.

That black part in between the backpack and the blue of the Age's torso comes from the MG Aile Strike. I figured this would be a much neater way to execute it, since I can remove the back-pack anytime even after painting:

It's not as easy as just smacking on the Strike's back though, some shaving down of parts, and grafting of a PVC cap into the Age's back, that can also fit into the Strike's part, was needed, so that the backpack has a balanced and firm holding point.

For the shoulders, I worked with magnets, hidden underneath the armour of the Age's shoulder, and in the gun turret. The attractive force between the magnets is enough to hold the contraption steady. If I want to remove it, just use some force to separate the magnetically joined parts..viola!

    Sorry guys, didn't take any pics of the actual magnets and grafting of parts cos I was too engrossed in it and I wasn't sure if it would work out. I was kinda going in blind :P. But I'll update this post with the crude images of how the parts come together. Next stop - PAINTING! woot.


Masked man said...

Waylander, where do you get the magnets?

Waylander said...

Hey bro, got them from Hobby Mate - Either that or you can try Hobby Art Gallery or M Workshop at Sunshine Plaze, they should carry Hobby mate's Magnets. Hope this helps.

Masked man said...

Thanks Waylander! looking forward to your Age 1 launcher strike!