Thursday, April 19, 2012


    So here we go folks, I'm revealing the first half of this Group Build with Toymaker. No weapons yet. The main goal was to come up with an alternate pastel colour scheme for our Age's. Mine will be in pastel blue hues, while Toymaker will go orange. I'll splice this with the MG Launcher Strike pack, while Toymaker's one comes with the Sword Strike system. It was kinda hard conceptualising the colour scheme at first, but I think it turned out pretty okay. I've never seen an Age done in this colour, so at least it's a first LOL.

    I retained the blues, whites and yellows, but muted them down to pastel tones. White used was Mr Hobby off-white. It's very hard to break out of the original colour scheme, because it's so iconic, and the blue-red combo is always a guaranteed winner (Optimus prime, Superman, Spider-Man anybody? lol). So muting all the colours down to pastel shades would help in breaking away from the original scheme.

    The asymmetrical decals are also an experimental thing - I wanted to mimic the designer decals of the Double 0. And yes, these are decals from the MG 00 set. But of course, they don't fit snugly, so I had to cut them up a bit.

    The only thing different in form for my Age is the back, which I swopped with the MG Strike's. Basically it's just a case of cut-and-graft. With this back, I can later insert the Launcher Strike backpack, which holds the BFG.

    Oh, and when going pastel, brown panel-lines are a good match. We got this idea from Seria Masuo as well.

    Stay tuned for the second part. Where he gets his BFG! 


Jayesh Enterprise said...

Hey nice work, looking forward to seeing it in the flesh! Can i ask how you made the green visor parts so bright? so far my experiments on bare plastic look too dull, only 1 week left to finish it, gosh!

Waylander said...

Hi bro, you taking part in the GB too huh? Lookin' forward to seeing your piece. :)

Anyway, about the green, use Gaia silver as a base coat. Then spray over with Fluorescent Green over. That should do it. Good luck man!

Jayesh Enterprise said...

Yep I am, not as nice as yours obviously. Thanks for the tip! Will try it with another Flouro color.

Waylander said...

Hey bro. Can you contact me at Someone saw your Age from my post and is interested in buying it. You interested? Lemme know I'll hook you guys up. :)