Thursday, April 26, 2012

Next Stop - TITUS!

    Next stop - TITUS! Woohoo. I'm not even gonna kitbash or mod anything with this baby. It will be fresh OOB, but obviously in a different pastel scheme. I figured I might as well do the AGE-TITUS-SPALLOW in one shot. Hopefully this momentum can ride me into the GBWC project. Help me out here guys - What colour should I do up the Titus in? Green, Earth Brown, Grey or Red? hmmmm...Feel free to drop a comment or vote in the poll at top left~!


DarkWorkx said...

I think Tank (Beige) color scheme will fit on the titus armor parts and add a Big steel toy hammer into it

Waylander said...

Yeah man! I was thinking of a hammer cos it suits the hulkish bulk of Titus. Will see if I have enough time to come up with one. Or just use a toy lol.

tulispendekpendek said...

Maintain colour scheme for all body parts, except the blue on the chest and backpacks. Maybe maroon suits more? Or just red like the legs and arms. And also, the 'spoilers' on the backpack kind off spoils the 'hulk' look of this Gundam. Just opinion though. I'm trying the same thing, but on HG Titus. Heheh

Waylander said...

I agree bro! Will probably need to change the blues on the main torso, and remove the spoiler, because it's really a ....spoiler. LOL