Sunday, November 4, 2012

GBWC 2012 Winners Circle (So far)

    With still two more weeks to go till actual entry submission for GBWC Singapore, let's take a look at some of the winners at concluded GBWCs around the world. Upcoming winners, these are what you'll be up against in Japan! Are you taking notes? Winkwink.

"This is your Daddy's work."
Photo credit: Gundam Guy
    As far as I can see, this is the biggest of the winning entries so far. I have no idea how this fella is gonna get his build in one piece to Japan for the finals LOL. Very detailed maintenance bay work here. You've gotta have a maintenance bay rep in the competition after all, dontcha? This will require a few looks to take in as there's so many corners to explore and scrutinise. 

Custom build by Aresteo Saavedra Jr.
Photo credit: Version Krescenhaze
    This one is unique. The first thing that came to my mind was - BIONICLE!! lol. There's an assortment of Age parts I can see in there. Interesting take using Gunpla parts to kitbash something that looks entirely un-Gundam-like. I suppose that's what caught the judges' attention. 

Project Gwen Ver. Ed
    Well what else can I say about this one? Eday's masterpiece is still the hot favourite at this point in time, in my opinion. Just for the sheer workmanship and imagination on this piece, it's gonna be a tough act to follow, let me assure you. 

    I don't have much info about this one, so more details for those in the know are welcomed. As far as I can see, it's a weathered, rugged dio of a Kshatriya monster on legs. Can't really tell the size of the entire thing though, but definitely, an interesting dio piece. I'm curious to see this one up close...

The Zaku - Return of the J. Ridden
    Clean builds with no-frills can win too, as proven here with this converted 1/48 Zaku. Nice red metallic finish - it's not easy going metallic on something of this scale. Wished I could look at it closer to check out the finishing. 

    This one caught my eye from the start. Out of the Thai entries it's probably the most eye-catching one thanks to the presentation. And just look at the amount of details on the Exia!

By Johan
    Think about the sheer effort put into this one, from the monster Kampfer to the realistic dio and those battle-wrecked GMs. I like the ancient temple towers in the background most though. nice touch. 

By Angel De La Cruz
Photo credit: Bluefin
    Okay, I'm not really sure about this one cos I've only got it from one source...Any verifiers, let me know. I like the action and story-telling on this one - is that an exclamation mark I see in the control tower? LOL. You can see more WIPs of this build here.

    These are the competitions that I know of, and from what can be seen on the official Bandai site. Anybody have an confirmation on the North American winner, let me know. This month and early next will get exciting cos everything has to wrap before the finale in Japan - So we're left with Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, China and - who can forget - Japan. I've given the names of the modellers and builds as and where I can find them. If any of you guys know further details that I'm missing, feel free to let me know. I'll be updating this post as winners are announced. For those of you still working on your kits, you now know what you're up against. Ganbatte!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow..with the 3 last country champs (malay,spore and japan) this year competition will be the hardest one..
my predicition for Best 3 will be: from Hongkong,Singapore and Indonesia :D