Thursday, November 15, 2012


    One more day to Showtime folks! I'm not sure if I'm more excited about taking part in a competition, or finally revealing my hard work online. I'm arranging the pics for a proper post soon. Fellow contestants, you're probably dusting off and touching up your entries too. I'm expecting all the bells and whistles from the big guns this year, especially since the coveted prize is a trip to Gunpla mecca - JAPAN. woohoo. Gentlemen, start your engines fusion reactors.

   I'm glad to say - I made it. Whew. Now it's just some minor touch-ups and dust-downs. This has been a bittersweet build. Sweet because it's the most ambitious build I've ever done and I'm proud of pulling it off. Bitter cos I dont think I wanna go through the insanity of lack of sleep, crazy hours, bad health etc from such a massive and time-limited build EVER again. This shouldn't be what gunpla is about anyway. The minute it stops becoming enjoyable, then you know you've lost it. And I must admit there were nights I literally had to drag myself to work on the project. It shouldn't be this way. Which brings me to Toymaker's recent post about his take on the hobby, which I totally agree with. At this time in writing he might not make it for GBWC cos he has other more important stuff to settle, which made me realise - the whole purpose of a hobby and passion is to be happy doing it, and to mix with like-minded people. Not to go all out and have to win everything. So yeah, I'm glad I met the deadline, but it was more of a personal challenge that I had to damn well see through, than anything to do with the need to win. Looking at how unpredictable recent results have been, I'm not confident about anything, LOL. I think competitions will take a backseat from now on. I'm more interested in showcasing my works online and interacting with the community, such as with you guys through my blog. I'll have proper pics up soon. Meanwhile, the thinner's sealed, air-brushed cleaned and paint bottles locked up. I'm so not gonna be touching them for a while....i think. Wink. 

Evil eye!
    It's crunch time fellas! Only one more week to go, and I still don't know if I can make it. On paper, I should. If all goes well. BUT, should anything happen and I need to re-think a design, re-do a part, re-paint a piece etc, then my friends, we are royally f*cked LOL. I'm currently painting away like a madman every night (and day if there's time), and am having to deal with some unexpected curveballs such as my friggin' compressor breaking down! Thankfully, Toymaker, who lives close by, has a spare one that I borrowed. Whew. And with that I'm on my way again, anticipating the next cock-up. These things always happen closer to the deadline man. My sleep debt is probably up to a week. I can't wait for when this she-bang is over and I can catch up on sleep dammit.

    Alright fellas. On paper, I'm doing good time and should be able to make it by the Nov 2 deadline. ON PAPER. But ya never know with this hobby. Every part you look at has the potential for more detail. Every time you look at this piece it feels like you could add another angle to it, one more panel line, an extra vent etc. So now I'm stock of everything and gearing up for painting. I usually finish the painting phase in slightly over a week, but with this baby, I think I need more of a buffer just in case, which is why with just three weeks to go, I'm starting paint-works soon...maybe tonight or tomorrow night. Phew. I havent painted in half a year man! Not even sure if I remember how to LOL. FIngers crossed.

    Just under a month to go till submission day woohoo! And I still am not 100% sure that I can pull this off. This is gonna be tight. I'm giving myself two full weeks for painting, so I'll have to finish all the details within the next one week or so, otherwise, all is lost..

    Is my room a mess or what? LOL. Just over 30 days to go! Can I make it? I STILL don't know man. Sheesh. But I'm willing myself to. The mind is willing but the flesh is weak. Heck, I think even my MIND is weak sometimes LOL. To be honest sometimes I just feel like giving up and watching TV....

 It's been a month since my last update on this post. Man. I don't think I can make it in time for GBWC lol. The scale of my project is the biggest one I've ever attempted, and I'm finding it hard to get consistant momentum going, plus I'm going through a bad spell at work sooooo.....We'll see if this amounts to anything come Nov 2. Fingers crossed. Maybe sometimes, miracles happen.

Resizing a 1/60 part down to size. Guess what part this is? lol

    With GBWC heating up all around the world, I've gotta get my game on too, don't I? LOL. This year, my goal is of course to outdo last year's result, which means nothing less than a Second or, ahem, First. Can I pull it off? I don't know man. But I'm workin' on it. Nothing much to show at the moment folks, as even I'm not sure where I'm heading with this. I just came up with a working-title name off the top of my head! As we near the November deadline for Singapore, I'll reveal more. Meanwhile, gentlemen, if you haven't already, it's time. Start your engines!


tulispendekpendek said...

From the picture given, I assume you are building Laplace,s box. Right? LOL

Waylander said...

Gosh. How did you know???? Is it that obvious? LOL

tulispendekpendek said...

Are you building that giant MS from 00? Forgot the name

Ernest Tock said...

Bionicle parts?

Waylander said...

Which one? No lah. Different series lol. And Ernest, nope I've not even seen Bionical parts before lol. All Bandai.

Anonymous said...

aha, that claws is from Figu-rise 6 Black Lotus :D

Waylander said...

Correcto ;D