Wednesday, December 5, 2012


    As if we don't already have enough on our hands, Toymaker and I have decided to add an EXTRA kit each to our Buster-Duel speed-builds. Boy, why we keep doing this to ourselves, I have no idea LOL. But anyway, I'm right smack into a Zoids phase at the moment and am stocking up on Zoids kits, which are rarer than diamonds in Singapore, I kid you not. So I bought this Saber Tiger set and assembled it on my day off, and am so impressed with the details I decided, why not make them recon units to our Gundams, rite? LOL. Mine's gonna be a Buster-Saber pair-up, and Toymaker's is a Duel-Fox tag team. How will they look together? Watch this space.


Josh K said...

Hey waylander! im entering a zoids phase too, but not really sure what kit to get or where to get them. Any suggestions?

Waylander said...

Yo bro! In S'pore the best place is usually Falcon's Hangar. They have the lowest prices. If not then M Workshop at Sunshine Plaza. You can google them up for their addresses. But usually they have only 2-3 different types of kits. Zoids are SUPER RARE. Gd luck!!

Josh K said...

Awesome! Thanks very much.

tulispendekpendek said...

I can imagine Saber tiger in Buster's colour scheme. Holy sweet motherfucker! And both of Buster's cannon it attachable to Saber Tiger. Even more badass Motherchodar!! Hahahaha