Sunday, December 16, 2012

ZOIDS - GUN SNIPER (Naomi ver.)

  I'm having a Zoids fever now and boy is it high! LOL. Probably cos I might be suffering from a bit of Gunpla burnout, I've been turning to Zoids for some relief, and the kits are starting to appeal more and more to me. If you're a mecha fan, it's highly likely you'll catch the Zoids bug sooner or later, especially after you see how exquisitely intricate Koto's HMM series of kits are. But if you'd rather spare your pocket from further assault, perhaps you should give this post a miss LOL. So I just thought to start on something cheap and light, and one of the smallest Zoids kits out there is this Gun Sniper Naomi Version that caught my eye.

    The Sniper model in Zoids is a Raptor-based mecha. The kit is about the size of a 144 Gundam. Koto's instructions manual does not lose out to Bandai's in any way. The assembly is mostly fuss-free. In terms of detailing, Koto does a MUCH better job than Bandai, which is why I'm currently enamoured with the series. (But which is why most of the Zoids kits are priced higher.)

    'HMM' stands for Highend Master Model, and they do deliver. But engineering-wise, I would say Bandai has the advantage - there is the rare Koto bit here and there that may not fit well into another part, or might be a tad flimsy and come off. Otherwise, plastic quality and ease of assembly are comparable to Bandai's.

Took me roughly about 3-4 hours to put this fella together. You know a kit's good when you look at the finished unpainted product and it starts looking waaay better than expected LOL. Probably it's due to the over-the-top weapons they added for this one. This is like Raptor Full-Armour...

This version comes with a pre-painted pilot figurine, who's a chick. Hooray no hand-painting!

All Zoids have a core which contains some kinda crystal ball. I'm not too sure what this is as I haven't been following the storyline, but I think it's some kinda life source. Yeah, Zoids are actually alive!

I can so see this on a Gundam. Maybe... 

Got lazy and didnt change my blunt cutter from GBWC's work. Now I have holes for nub marks. Yikes..


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